**** FINISHED: GB-55 1/72 P-51D Mustang - MTO III

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Senior Airman
Jul 31, 2019
Pennsylvania, USA
Username: PlasticHero
First Name: Alan
Category: Intermediate
Scale: 1/72
Model: Mustang P-51D
Manufacturer: Airfix A01004
Extra: Didn't use the resin wheels

Biggest issues were the paint coming off with the tape. Next issue was the "wafer thin" control stick and radio aerial. I had left the aerial on the sprue and was broken when I went to take it off. Oh well. The landing gear look great but that means they are needle thin; the attatchment of gear doors is on 3 pin heads and the wheel is not a hole and post but a tiny square indent. At least the indent lines the wheels up with the spure attatchment point being on the bottom. I fully expect them to break off by Christmas. I can absolutely recommend this kit; it is in Tamiya territory and half the price.

It looks like there were no yellow stripes on the underside and I missed a prominent oil streak. I'm going to add that streak tomorrow and if it looks good, I'll reupload the pics so don't judge me yet. I'm just too comfy here on the couch right now.

These are all new photos and streak is there now. I looked at a lot of contemporary and original photos and many didn't have a vent there; both B and D model.
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I hate those paint peeling problems, there a pain in the A**. You did good though despite all the setbacks which all of us have in those final hours of a build. so well done.
Nice, quite right I think (sorry that was my best British) they don't teach it over here.. Good looking plane and sliver a terrible thing to have to deal with, worse than write and yellow I think, not by much......

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