Flags Of Our Fathers

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that looks pretty good really, very much like they're trying to show it from both sides not just the yanks, it would be interesting to know what the jap text and dialogue's saying........
Interesting. I like what they have done with the film to make it look older. From what I understand, there are 2 films for it, one as told from each side. It looks like Flags in October and the other in December.
Yep your right Eric, the second film is called "Red Sun, Black sand" I believe, and will focus on the Japanese point of view. Both should be great films to see.
Yep, that's it, Wildcat. I couldn't remember the name of the second as it changed. I think it was originally Flowers before the Wind or Petals Before the Wind. I think Red Sun Black Sand is a little better. With Clint directing, it should be excellent, although gut wrenching.
Yeah I believe this will do well in the box office. I just hope that the WW2 Rivalries between the Americans and Japanese doesn't blind people from seeing the bigger picture. Although not as abundant now a days. It still happens unfortunately.
Anyone know if there are any aircraft featured? (surely they must have at least a token flypast or something somewhere in it?)

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