Frozen WWII remains recovered

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
"I heard this on the news this morning and looked up a newspaper to see what the story was.

Body of what is believed to be an Army airman was removed from a Kings Canyon glacier."

Ive been to this National Park, and once you get up into the mountains, it is quite isolated and remote. Just getting up there requires a hiker to be in excellent condition.
what a perfect spot to become the Sierra's ! my old stompin grounds since I was a kid. Noted the 4 chaps were ice-climbing most likely on autumn gullies or I should say coulouirs. ah October the best time for Green ~ blue ice when everything is styrfoam.

It will be quite interesting if they can get some tissue samples of this chap and then .......... :?:
I havent heard for sure, but authorities are confident who it is. There were four other airmen in that plane that were also killed, but their remains were found in the 40's and ID'd.

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