Gathering of Mustangs and Legends, 2007

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
Mark your calendars! The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends is scheduled for September 27-30, 2007 at Rickenbacker field in Columbus Ohio. They plan to do a 51 ship formation! Last time they did this, in 1999, they had 65 Mustangs in the same place! =P~
Similar in many ways to finding a host city for the Olympics, Stallion 51 Corporation wanted to find the perfect location to reunite the 1999 participants of the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends (GML). An exhaustive search was conducted with multiple great locations vying to host what has been dubbed, the "Mustang Woodstock" with the decision coming down to three very strong finalists; Front Range Airport, Rickenbacker Int'l Airport and Jeffco County Airport. This week, GML Event Director, Angela West revealed, "We are proud to announce, Rickenbacker Int'l Airport located in Columbus, OH has been selected as the host airport for the Gathering of Mustangs Legends to be held September 27 - 30, 2007".

The 1999 Gathering of Mustangs and Legends in Kissimmee, Florida at Stallion 51's base of operation, amassed 65 Mustangs and 12 Legends together for what was considered one of the great aviation events of the 20th Century. Since then Stallion 51 has been in search of the right time and place to recreate the magic. "We are extremely excited with this historic location along with the community and corporate support", said Lee Lauderback, President of Stallion 51 Corp. "The skies over Columbus will once again be filled with the unmistakable sounds of this awesome fighter and the heroes who gave so much to defend our country's freedom".

Columbus, OH is the home of the 447th composite Group/332 Fighter Wing, These Tuskegee Airmen who flew the Mustang in WWII, and safely escorted the bombers during their daring raids over Germany. Rickenbacker International Airport (Lockbourne Army Air Base during WWII) was also a B-17 training base during the war and produced many of the B-17 crews that the Mustang airman protected as they flew missions over Europe. Rickenbacker International Airport will be celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2007 while hosting an expected 100 Mustangs and 51 Legends.

"On behalf of the Central Ohio community we are honored that this historic event will be held at Rickenbacker Int'l Airport," said Elaine Roberts, A.A.E., President CEO, of the Columbus Airport Authority, which operates Rickenbacker. "The rich military and aviation history of the airport, Columbus's convenient location and easy access to major highways, the welcoming nature of the community along with a strong military presence at Rickenbacker combine to create the perfect setting for this major aviation event."

The Gathering of Mustangs and Legends-The Final Round Up has been greatly anticipated and will include a massive 51-plane Mustang formation, solo and formation Mustang demonstrations, USAF Flight Demonstrations and numerous other aerial activities and demonstrations, an aviation auction, as well as ample opportunities to photograph the planes and meet the Aces, Legends and Heroes who flew the P-51 Mustang.
For more information contact:
Angela West, Stallion 51 Corp
Ph: 407-846-4400
Email: [email protected] or
Kathryn (KT) Budde-Jones at [email protected] for press information

For more information contact us at [email protected]
Well that kinda beats the gathering of Mustangs we had here in Oz a few years back when they got all 7 airworthy stangs together. I hope you make it there Eric, I'd love to see some pics of the big event.
The last information I heard was that 110 P-51's have committed to attend the Gathering.
That will be quite a sight wish I could make it
If you do go Eric any chance of a sound recording of the fly past all those merlins on song will be superb.
Unless I can find a publisher that's willing to cover the cost of my travel, I won't be making it, unfortunately. Too many family expenses lately between car problems and hospital stays. I wanted to go to this one and Nellis this year for the USAF 60th anniversary, but sadly, both are out this year. Maybe next year for Nellis.
If anybody gets or has access to "Air and Space" Magazine, there is an article in there about this event with a writeup on 6 of the Mustangs that will be there. Good article.
I know of one less Mustang that is going to be there now. They are stating about 110, the last I heard. That will be quite a feat. There are about 153 that still fly that I know of worldwide. When you factor in that they are 60 years old and are high performance aircraft, I don't think they will get that many. There is always that "timely" maintenance issue that shows up at the most inconvenient time. And with warbirds, that just happens. When you plan to get that many together, there will always be some that can't get there, for any number of reasons.
Kinda like the missions that they were originally made for. There were always a bunch of aborts, no matter how hard the maintanence guys tried to make sure they were all in top notch form.
Air and Space is the only Mag I read the day I get it. The rest can wait until I have time. Great articles.
It is hard to believe that there are still so many P-51s flying. This will need careful consideration to try to attend this gathering of eagles. I kind of hope there is at least one C-47 there to make an old paratrooper feel at home.
I wish I could attend this but I first found out about it only 2-3 weeks ago.

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