Gladiator plans

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Aug 4, 2006
I'm a fan of the gladiator.
I've got a lot of info and just about every book ever published on the gladiator (at least recently), however I'm looking for plans or dimensioned detail drawings of the gladiator, particularly internal details or construction. I've been trawling the net for some time without success. I've found the following but would like more of the same.

This is an original Gloster drawing. Are there any others?

Any help will be much appreciated.


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These aren't internal factory drawings but I hope they help. What specifically are you looking for internally? What dimensions do you need?


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I found these photos and a short video. Hope this helps.


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Thanks CyberTom, the drawings are great and I like the movie. They will be very usefull with my project.
So what's the project Mate? I might be able to help. I spent some time with the Gladiator they are restoring at Duxford.
In Australia there is a manufacturer of a 9 cylinder radial engine called the Rotec R3600. I'm looking into the feasiblity of building a 70-80% scale gladiator powered by this engine. It probably won't work without major alteration to the look of the original gladiator, in which case I won't take it any further. Right now I'm collecting information and trying to determine some weights and dimentions. However, regardless of what happens I enjoy the research and all the challenges of such a project. I'm an engineer by trade, have a pilots licence, and have helped construct a homebuilt (I have 2 in a shed out back). Thanks for your offer of assistance.
I'm familiar with the engine. Didn't know they developed a 9-cylinder version.

I spent a couple of days with the Gladiator being refurbished at Duxford in England. I took many photos and some basic measurements to validate the accuracy of the drawings I have.

My project is to build a 1/4th scale Gloster Gladiator from scratch of my own design that is radio controlled.


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Hi Cyber Tom,

Did you ever fulfil your 1/4 scale Gladiator project? I'm considering the Gladiator for my next scale R/C project.

Sorry for the late response Pete but no I haven't started yet. I'm still gathering information. I have since decided to make it 1/3rd scale as there are many more gas radial engines of the appropriate size to choose from.

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