Hangar camouflage?

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mosquitoman said:
Bit of a weird question, but were british aircraft hangars camouflaged and if so, what sort of colours and patterns were there?
That is weird, but I would guess they were - here's an example from Lockheed and the way they camouflaged a whole plant known as "A1." B-17 were being built there...


wow! I just need to know about the sides of it because I've put one of my models in a box with a "hangar" wall behind it and wondered if I need to paint it. I'll post a pi when it's done
What type of hanger is it? I don't think many(if any) were painted, I know that there were a lot with just the concrete or brick on display. There are alot of "C" Type hangars down my way and none of them show signs of the sides being painted.
the RAF just did a sort of sand yellow for the walls and did their brown/green roof..........

as for the cammo didn't they cover the taj mahal in a giant cammo net during the war? not a clue if it's true or not just sumthing i heard years ago..........

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