happy 4th of july

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Apr 14, 2005
niagara falls
230 years and going strong (please no fire works tonight it caused me a great deal of agro last night)
Speaking of fireworks, I came across this live footage on tv of fireworks somewhere in the states, that was crazy, those guys went all out

By the way notice how all of the guys on the 4th of july thread so far are all canadian?
Not anymore! ;) Most are probably enjoying the fireworks in their towns right now. Ours were last night, so I got a jump on fireworks photos.


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Pretty cool. I caught the 4th of July fireworks in Charleston, SC last year, and it was a great display. What made it grander was the fact that each of the nearby towns had their own firework displays, so it was like one gigantic show. They were everywhere at once. :lol:

It was a great show. It beat the Halifax Canada Day display hands down.
Sorry guys I forgot Happy 4th "down with the British".
Last time I came over was during early July a few years ago had a great time with the locals on the 4th in Kissimee all the holiday makers went charging off to Disney but we head down to the lakes and joined in the fun, only thing I found a bit odd was that me and the missus where the only people to stand for the national anthem (that also seems to happen alot in the UK to us )
Jesus christ, another Brit encouraging the damn Colonists to rebel! Didn't you get mocked for being British, Lee? Or was it just mocking for being you?

Happy 4th of July, you bastards.

What? That's the U.S flag, right?
Wise-@ss Brit bas*ard... Dont think it'd be funny me shoving that flag up ur @ss.....

On second thought, the screams probably would make it slightly hilarious...

It was a great night, blowing off 500 bucks worth of Artillery shells and sh*t... Had a Friend come back from Mexico with 7 different Tequilas, and Jesus they tasted fine....

Happy 4th to all my countrymen, and as George Washington once said, "Fu*k the British, let them eat soap..."
Yes, and any Yanks who remain "Empire Loyalists" may cross over here. Gotta keep up that fine Canadian tradition of accepting the world's garbage. :lol:

Actually that's not really funny at all, but what the hell. :rolleyes:
Happy 4th of July you American bastards.:lol: :lol:
Hope you enjoyed it.

Hope that this 4th of July will be a lucky day for the crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery. Wishing them all the luck in the world.
No it wouldn't be funny. But sparking off emotions with that flag was f*ckin' hilarious.

I was only kidding. Happy 4th of July, America! Protect your freedom for another 230 years.


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