Heating up ?

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
Ladies and gents I am curious what your highs are for the summer days across the world. we are receiving summer in a big way as we broke the record of 105F about an hour ago. 108F and still climbing. I luv it without A/C ..............NOT !

let the temps begin
So far, the high in the Halifax region of Nova Scotia was 34 degrees C. That was about two and a half weeks ago. I was at sea, but my wife says it was murder. I believe her. That's unusually hot for around here, even at the peak of summer. We've had the temp reach 27 to 28 C a couple of times too this year. Today was about 23 C and tomorrow it's supposed to get to about 25 C.
89 in Denver today. Last week we broke 100. Tomorrow its supposed to be 98. Here's the kicker - we're 5620 feet above sea level!

The good thing - humidity here runs no more than 10%.
It's been hot for about a week or so, but all in all, this year has been mild for the summer here. It was over 100 in the Valley today and that started about thursday of last week. Not sure how long it will last.
Funny avaryone's using his common type of degrees... We had over 35°C but combined with a cold front so the weekend was 50/50 sun/rain.
well I haven't got the air temperatures but last Thursday our rail head temperature gauges hit 57C 134.6F so it must have been fairly warm
I think in the low 90's which for the UK is hot
right now 92 F which equals what ? in Celsius ??. it's 12.52 hrs with an ever so slight breeze.........c'mon please more, actually a wind would be nice since the high is going to be above 102F again
we had a great thunderstorm a while ago, i just ran out to the garden for my mom's new pet - a bunny - and i was completely "durch" when i get back (took less then three seconds...)
evangilder said:
Been hot here again, with humidity, which is not normally this high. Last night at 9:00 PM, it was 81 F. It was warm this morning when I left the house as well.

And you're in a cool spot compared to where I used to live! :shock:
Nine people have died in Arizona from heat-related illness. I'm in a cool, cold and grey region of the world called Doncaster. I'm not getting any of this heat.

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