Hello from norway

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Hi, stumbled across this album by accident. But it was a good accident:D

Just wanted to say hello to everybody:p

here's a cool vid i found (although its not of warbirds, i hope i dont get banned for this 8) )

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sZrMFj09as

(the F16's are norwegian, flying over norway, the other aircraft are french i think. Mirage 2000 )
8 posts since 2006. I guess he didn't get enough welcomes.

Actually, I've mentioned it before...we really need to get the mods to do something about the entrance to this site as most newcomers stumble across it. :D

I think in this case, the step was too steep for him to get back on here :twisted:
Sorry to see he hasn't returned. Kinda like Bill Bailey..................
Can't somone kill this thread?

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