hey watch it dude !

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May 20, 2004
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Frickin non-coms, never looking where they are going....

ZG 76 boys getting the snowed trampled down for another anti-bomber mission

I don't think they're forgotten at all. The job of the ground crewmen wasn't as flashy or famous as that of the aircrewman, especially the pilot, but anyone who takes any kind of an interest in the subject is certainly aware of the vital part they played. It's a part that they continue to play, across the globe. Without them, the birds don't fly. Period.

Nice pics, guys. 8)
You do have a point. Books and the media in general often overlook the mechanics, armourers, and so on. It was often a thankless job compared to the reverence that was bestowed upon the aircrews.
I couldnt agree more!

Gunther Rall on several of the interviews made to him, has devoted kind of first-rank remarks to the technicias who kept their planes in shape to continue flying.
i don't thing they're forgetten, especially in bomber command, the crews were extremely gratefull to their gorundcrews, indeed the ground crews saw the aircraft as their own, they simply let the flying crew borrow it for the night (or day), a view which the flying crews didn't have a problem with...............
Both the 8th Air Force and Bomber Command had a lot to thank thier groundcrews for, especially Bomber Command, as every mission was a 'Maximum Effort' requiring maximium aircraft availability. And Fighter Command wouldnt have been able to fly the number of sorties it did through the Battle of Britain and Overlord without the dedication of the groundcrews. Thier feat is even more rmarkable during the BoB as the airfields were frequently attacked.
yes but as i've said the crews of bomber command (i can't really speak for fighter command) were extremely gratefull to their ground crews and they enjoyed healthy relationships...........
well you're crew got a bit pissed off with you if you bought their bird back with a scratch, and they'd kill you if you didn't drop your bombs and came back with a full load!!
BombTaxi said:
I didnt mean to imply that wasnt the case...I've read how aircrews liked to bring the plane back in one piece to keep the crew chief happy! ;)

That is deffinatly true. As a crew chief I hate pilots that mess up my aircraft. The cool thing about the Blackhawk is though I fly with them so I get to try and keep them from doing stupid things and messing her up.
I know I'd get really pissed if careless pilot messed up my work... By the way... Nice pics gents... Though omitted the grouncrews will never be forgotten, they are to this day the most important variables in mannaging a plane...

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