Hurricane Katrina and Me...

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This is going to be a big problem if it continues its march towards the Mississippi Gulf Coast... Flooding and Storm Surge are not a factor where I live, as the highground will be safe here....

The wind damage, on the other hand, is going to be pretty severe.... Winds topping 145mph are now present... We are aboput 80 miles east of New Orleans, and if the storm continues is present course, we'll be on the bad side of it... Ill be putting the boards up on the house today, preparing for the worst...

This has the potential, if the storm swings to the east, to really be a catastrophic storm... 3 MAJOR Hurricanes in the Gulf in 1 year??? WTF????? This is becoming a biggggggg drag....

We evacuated once before for a bad storm, and we'll never do it again, so say a prayer (or a curse) for us.... One way or the other, we'll lose power sometime Monday........

Next time u hear the wind blow, think of me......

Heres a link to the NOAA Gulf of Mexico Satellite and the loop of the storm.....


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Yeah, good luck buddy. Katrina looks bad alright. We may even catch some of it up this way if it keeps up. We get them now and again.

I'll be prayin' (so to speak) for you folks down along the Gulf. Hang in there.
Good luck, les. You've really been havin' the shit beaten out of you the past two years with these hurricanes.
i hope that nothing happens to you and your family ( do not forget your pet, if you have one)
good luck!!!!!!
it's been said that a biggy is been long overdue to the texas cost, and that is very scary, i talked to alicia's survivors, and it was hell during and after, 15 days with no power and no water, so we may be next next time, but until now we are safe
When Juan hit central Nova Scotia two years ago we were without power for two weeks, and it took me two straight days to saw my driveway clear. Then I had to clear away the seven trees that were against the house, with the help of my neighbour. Thank god there was no real damage to the house. We were lucky. We only lost a part of the back deck and some railing from the front step. There were many folks who lost a lot more.

If that storm had hit during the winter, we'd have been hooped with no power.
Bleeding hell Les I hope everythings ok with the family, your big enough and ugly enough to look after yourself, but I trust the missus and kids are ok what we've seen on the news over here it looks a real bugger.
Sod your luck we get in a flap if the washing gets blown off the sodding line.
LOL, thx track.... Ive been in more hurricanes than I care to remember... They actually seem to follow me around the US...... Been in two Catagory 4 storms before..

This whore storm is a Catagory 5 now, with sustained winds now up over 175 mph, and they still expect it to landfall in Louisiana... Yes we will be on the bad side (east side), but we should only be in the 100-120 mph zone.. (Hopefully... 175 scares the shit outta me)
Well you batten down the hatches and take care mate it would'nt be the same with out your dainty comments on the site.
Seriously though keep your family safe Dan their the best thing in life.
shit les, this is going to suck! I wish you the best of luck with this mammoth hurricane. I got some of Katrina when it came through south Florida, but it being a cat 5 sucks. Good Luck
U bum Les I just fell off me seat laughing, undercover manouvers aye (unless it was on the rug infront of the fire).
You little devil she sounds like a right gonad buster, nothing like a fuck ing womans wrath ect ect.
just got back from pumping out 40 miles. funny how life is Les, was praying for you and your familie and neighbors and friends as I thought this sucker maybe the largest thing to hit the gulf fopr way too many years. Walked in and heard it is now a cat 5 plus.

From the sounds the animals including snakes will rise with the tide so it will be more than wind and rain/flodding that may harm those stuck in that terrible mess. head for high ground friend, the poor folk from Louisiana many of them elderly and without transport and in a terrible fix. praayers and thoughts go out to them for safety.

We are fighting another terrible fire here 10 miles away and gaging on the smoke; I asked myself what the heck I was doing out as there were maybe 12 cars or so seen today on my route.........yeah I'm a biking fool....

chin up Les ! 8)

dein freund E ~

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