I am looking for something here.

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Nov 14, 2006
I am in serch of a 1/8 to 1/18 scale DB 601 or 605, BMW 801, or JU 211 engines. I want them for display but am not sure if they exsist. Any info would be appriciated. Thanks, Scott
The largest for me was 1/32. I did see a 1/8 RR Merlin that acually ran at a swap meet for R/C aircraft. I wish I would have bought it. A guy built it and it was awsome looking. It had 12 tiny cylinders that all worked. That would be nice to find again. I don't think anything exsist for what I am after unless somebody built it for themselves and is selling it.
There was once upon a time (in the 70) the 1/24 Airfix series (Spit I, Bf109E, Fw190A and maybe the Hurricane)
This models had included the engine model.
You may be lucky and find this legendary kits, here is a link to a Bf109 where you can see the DB601

1/24 Airfix Bf-10E by George Mustafa

I had the Spit I, never had the money to buy others of the series. And my spit was crash landed and damaged beyond repair by my **** little sister... along with my other legendary kit, the 1/9 ESCI BMW R75+sidecar: look the kit at this wonderful execution... sigh...

1/9 ESCI BMW R75 with sidecar by Russ Sharp

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