I know we need Ads but.....

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Nov 16, 2008
I made the mistake of visiting an online store looking for new tires for my bike. Holy crap:
No, this is what she looks like without makeup or Photoshop.

Now, how would YOU like it for clothing ads like this to keep popping up on your computer, huh?

I also have a version where the red lace has a couple of very strategically placed holes in the uh, "chest" area.

I've run AdBlocker as well but I've "white-listed" this site and a few others. I click on the occasional ad if its relevant to modelling. Hey...it helps pay for the place
Earthlink does a pretty good job of keeping out the spam e-mails. I have not got one offering a terrific investment opportunity from Lynrd Skynerd or Abbot Costello in some time. But even on my personal Webmail page I get the ads around the edges and some websites have so many there's not much room left on the screen for actual content.

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