If you could bring one person back

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I got 9,000 gallons of water here in the house water tanks.

Bring it on, WINE party. :lol:

The past is dust, wipe it away.
hmmm, so many people.

(Family excluded because I'd choose my mom)

I wanted to choose Jesus, but I figure he's coming back again anyway and I'll have forever to visit with him.

I wanted to go with Hitler or Napoleon. It would be intriguing to hear them ramble on and on and on but after about an hour I'd want to punch them.

So I'd pick Myrna Loy. WOW, what a good looking lady. I little wine, some conversation, then some <censored> :twisted:


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Layne Staley so he could perform with Alice in Chains and rip modern rock to shreds with his dark "I don't give a toss" out look on people and life.
I thought this was going to be about WW2. I already had Hans-Joachim Marseille ready as my answer ... :)

World history is a bit more difficult. Eum ... Alexander the Great would be cool. I always thought it was a pity Jim Morrison died so young. But I suppose that goes for all talented people who died to young.

I definitely would not take a sexy woman. Having her for one day would just cause grief. Remember, she'll be dead the next day. That would be enough for my mojo to fade.

But not everybody's a softie like me ;)
Only the best comedian to come out of SNL.
He was the man.

Except he had to go dump OD on drugs.

he could make The pope scream like a protestant
My Dad of course because I miss him so much and have things to ask him. And I would say some of the Lancaster Fans in forum would like to question him what it was like in a war time Lancaster. You can keep Napoleon and Hitler or even Alexander the Great. But my Dad was my Dad and he was my hero
Leonardo da Vinci

Considering what he invented in 1500, I think that having his brain on top of today's science would be the best asset for a real leap forward for the planet


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Da Vinci is still contributing to science. The medical profession are revaluating his work.

BBC NEWS | Health | Da Vinci clue for heart surgeon

Lazarus and Jesus have both been resurected before.

Could you imagine the reaction to Jesus walking the earth again. I don't think he would prove popular with the established religions or the authorities. Public opinion would it consider him to be just another religious nut????

Seeing as no family members allowed how about a beauty contest for the most beautiful woman of all time. Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Monroe etc, etc.

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