It was 40 years ago today...

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Feb 19, 2007
Southern New Jersey
40 years ago the Beatles released "Sgt' Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band" and changed music.

I believe this was the pivotal album for rock and roll not only for the genuis of it... such as first concept album, cover art, etc. but for rock itself.

In the 50s and 60s rock radio was dominated by AM radio. FM was owned by the same stations and the simulcast the AM programs on their FM stations. In 1966 the FCC said they couldn't do that, so the AM stations said play what you want on the FM.

When "Pepper" came out, it was the first album, by the Beatles that didn't have singles (another staple of the era) forcing radio to play the whole album. AM wouldn't do it but you could on FM. The DJs on FM stations started playing the whole album and now we have FM dominated radio waves.

watcha think?

One of the 10 albums I would take with me if I am exiled on a desert island.

I could never stand 'whitin you, whitout you' but the album is a masterpiece and probably the most important of rock.

abut FM vs AM, I think the transmission technical quality of FM is the major key to explain the takeover, at least for music stations. But maybe the Sergeant contriibuted a bit.
FM has always had a far higher audio quality as compared to AM.

What held up the adoption of FM, was the preponderance of AM radio's.

Once there was a critical mass of FM radio's in the market, it was only a matter of time before all music migrated to it.

This was a good thing because the lack of music in the AM stations, opened them up for sports and talk formats!
No Buddy Holly and the Cricketts, no Beatles.... No Beatles, no "Sgt' Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band" :shock: :lol:
What would music be like today?? SHOCK-HORROR!
Same here Heinz. I just wasn't aware how influential this album was just for the art of radio. From what I've read and heard it opened up FM to the masses and off we went.

It was the only 8 track tape my mother had in her car and it was on constantly. I remember how even then the range of songs never got old. We played that tape until it was gray and couldn't play anymore!
*dons flameproof suit and takes cover in a very big foxhole*

The problem with listening or watching something that was made well before your time is that you can only judge it by current standards. Hence for me, I can only associate the Beatles' music with either happy smiley pop or self absorbed prog-rock. Yes they were very influential, but they have been ripped off by so many God awful bands since, that it is hard to listen to the originals in the same way a 40 year old could. The only songs of theirs I could genuinely say are brilliant were Hey Jude and Elanor Rigby, the others just seem to lack any bite or edge these days, just safe and happy pop. A few bands, such as Floyd or the Stones, still have that edge, that dark undercurrent in their songs. Perhaps it's because I don't like happy music. Maybe it's because the production values are so poor (yes I know that's inevitable, and somewhat shallow on my part.)

I'm not saying they are bad, I can understand why people like them. It's just that claiming they are the greatest thing ever seems to be some sort of unwritten law, and saying anything against them is like saying you didn't enjoy the Godfather. They just don't do much for me I'm afraid............
Hey, no prob. I'm one who the Stones never did much for, but what do I know! Music is what it is because its so diverse. I can't expect anyone else to like what I like. My point with this album is that at that time it opened up so much that wasn't there before. The Beatles are what they are because they introduced so many new innovations in music and allowed others to explore sounds, like they did. Its a good album, probably won't rank with me as greatest (I probably reserve that for Led Zep IV :lol: ) but it was groundbreaking in alot of ways.
Negative Creep I can understand where your coming from I feel similar about other bands but with the Beatles they undertook new ideas like Njaco has described. They in a sense like you associated were the birth parents of the more self absorbed prog rock. They were also responsibly for numerous genres really. That is their legacy.

I can safely say they are among my favourite bands of all time but I loath to say the 'best' about them or anyone else I enjoy.


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