Ju-87 Stuka vulnerability to fighter attack

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Yeah I am calling Bullshit! You can not bullshit a bullshitter kid!

You know if you had just said that when you were visiting the Museum they were letting people take a seat in the Ju 87 I might have believed it, but to say they were charging you $2000 to sit in it. Nope sorry, they dont even use Dollars in England kid.

How old are you?
Why, why why why why would you ever claim that B17engineer ???

Good advice for you kid, never lie, it ruins your credibility.
My claim to infamy involves no money....just balls and stupidity. Climbing up into the formast of the USS Texas and snapping some photos from inside the tripod mast. :D Cost: free. Memory: Priceless. Getting nearly thrown off the ship after being caught sneaking into the #3 gun turret magazine was less fun. ah youth......

More on topic.....did have an opp to fly in a B-17 that visited Seattle along with a B-24. However $400 and flying in a plane older than me by a considerable margin did not make for clean underware on my part. I'll gladly restrict my examinations from Planet Earth. The Boeing museum has a wonderfully preserved Ki-43II on display. and no...i did not attempt to touch it, climb in it or take it for a test taxi around the showroom. Well i may have reached over and touched the wingtip. History made solid. always a rush....always makes a GF unit roll her eyes too. :D
Why, why why why why would you ever claim that B17engineer ???

Good advice for you kid, never lie, it ruins your credibility.

B17engineer - listen carefully. There are some on this site who have an extensive background in aviation and for the most part we don't appreciate bullsh!tters of any age. SO if you have that much money to throw away just to alledgely plant your butt in a museum piece, well I invite you to come to my part of the world and I'll get you an L-39 ride for the same price.
ok back on topic then ......

Njaco well there is going to be a book on at least 3 NSGr units in the future, have added a bit from the files to the German author whose relative was in one unit on the Ost front but sadly was KIA. The BA/MA files in Freiburg are really full of information and it is one source which should be researched into further where most western authors dread it appears to go in and retrieve the necessary documentation to bring out the truth instead of the supposed details.

Point is the night units did lose to many Ju's and crews to Allied AA and Mossie nf's. A few and mean only a few fell to P-61's........
By my account, he's a teat-sucking numbnut who needs more attention from his Father.... I just got home and have to read this bullsh!t, along with his apology post....

I'd rather have bamboo shoots rammed under my toenails....

Kid, take the advice from the others and zip ur freakin mouth and use ur eyes to educate urself here... Speak up when u have a question or something u think might encourage a good discussion....


Liars get nowhere in life.... Trust me and all the others here, its a fact.... Liars are scumbags; dont be one....
You callin me funny?!!

Erich and Nik, I must submit to your far superior resources than mine. My only take on the Stuka is that if the plane was so bad, the design poor, the power awful, why was it kept on operations throughout the war? It had to have some redeeming value about it. Yes there were "Stuka parties" and it was at times, meat for the butcher but there just was something that kept it flying (besides engines :D ).

I think it did well, considering.
Well i dont know enough about the plane but i will tell you that when a person spouts crap then it must be crap, now im willin to give the guy the benifit of the doubt,but at the same time it still churns to be sh** but i say to hell with it! i read his post on apology, so hes makin amends give him that chance fellas,.........but if he screws up again.......feed him to lesbride she will take care of it:shock:
Well Stuka was made to operate under total air domination from the Luftwaffe and when the situation changed...well we all know the results...
Well, I have the movie, BOB, on DVD and tape and those JU 87s sure looked vulnerable. Kidding aside I have read in many places where the Stukas did not do well when enemy fighters were present. The Dauntless was used by the USN as a CAP against enemy torpedo planes on a couple of occasions when their carriers were short of VFs.
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