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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
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man I hope Lance bites the big one. why does he want a 7th so bad ? of course so he can go out in stule to retire.... or retread

hope this punk American from CSC kicks Lance and his discovery channel teams butt

Go Zabreiske ! Besdies CSC looks hot compared to boring Discover team jerseys....yeah I know, who cares 8)


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well I am pissed for several reasons. first DAvid Z fell two kilometres from the finish line in a group TT with his CSC and now Lance and his lame Discovery team are in the lead. Zabreskie drops to 9th place............

my book is now on permanent hold for the time being due to author related problems that are out of my hands. when it rains it pours..........
Oooh Lance is a bit upset with his team today on this stage running from Dobel Deutschland ~ the pass back back into France. Lance had to go out on his own...........ooh too bad big boy, and try and ward off T-mobils attack. A fine photo finish between Klöden ot T-mobil and Weening of the Neterlhands, the Dutch man just eeking out the win. lance better get his team on track or it is history in the alps. T-Mobil said they would attack and their Russian team member blitzed out front to give Lance a wake -up call...great stuff !


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I don't know why I like cycling so much? I watch every stage of TdF from the beginning till the finish and always find smoething interesting. And Robbie McEwen is the one, whom should win! :D
if he and Boonen could handle the hills on a stronger level then they would definately have a chance, but they are sprinters and get blown in the mtn's.

just hopefuly Lance gets stomped
ah to ride in Deutschland ! I have promised to hall my piece of junk over in another 5 years and ride along the Rhine/Mosel and.... ?

who says pro cycling isn't cool....

Michael Rassmussen kicked butt today, an ex pro mtn. biker turned pro 3 years ago and slaughtered the field for 167 of the 171 kilometres today. Germany's Jen Voight of team CSC is now the yellow jersey leader. that of course could change on Tuesday after the Monday break. Hope actually that Rassmussen comes back with a vengence for all the mountain stages as he was in fine form except for the last 15 miles where he started to rock and slow down........great ride !
Germany's Jan Ulrich wiped out the other day. Hurt himself up a bit, but he is going to continue to ride. I really dont keep track of it at all, the Tour de France just does not interest me. Just an opinion thing.
well Lance powered his way to yellow after the alpine stage today.............not surprising but Rasmussen took third overall and this could be really interesting the next 4 days in the mtn's. I was checking the grade and the steepest gradient for the whole tour on one peak is 8.3 % which is tough but not that bad. the average looks around 6 % which they could pretty much power up even if it is over 6-7 miles in length.
I hope he loses, like literally bonks out or gets stomped in one of the mtn. stages..... right now he looks excellent and T-mobil sucks. Basso for CSC did ok in the hills but Lance is powerful and he showed it today. If Rasmussen had more experience he would pull away from Lance as the kid is a natural in the mtns. It's probably a total surprise for him that he was in the top four finishers. In any case it is an exciting tour. Lance has already pulled off 6 and he doesn't need any more so this is for his ego and nothing else. He will most likely pull it off but there are more mtn's and some other rolley flat stages before the lame finish in Paris

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