Lego engines

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I know they made 11 Cylinder Aircraft Rotary engines, and I have seen large 11 cylinder industrial Radial engines. But I have never heard of a 13 cylinder single row radial engine. Happy to learn if there was such an engine built.
I would think the crowding together of 13 cylinders in a single row would be problematic. At some point there just isn't enough room between the cylinders. Unless you use really long connecting rods and increase the overall diameter of the engine.
Wright tried making a 22 cylinder two row.

See Wright Aeronautical R-4090 Cyclone 22 Aircraft Engine
Nordberg made 11 and 12 cylinder, two-stoke radial diesels. These were liquid cooled.

I suspect that 13-cylinder radials weren't tried because it was considered easier to just make a two row radial with fourteen cylinders.
Whoops, I miscounted. Looks like there's 12 cylinders on the radial. As I understand it that's nearly impossible, except for two-strokes and diesels.
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I was thinking that myself. It reminded me of the diagrams of steam engines showing the way steam moves through both sides of a cylinder to operate. I went through a brief railfan period.
A conventional engine converts one form of energy into another, so does the Lego engine. If you attached a propellor to the Lego engine, it would be generating thrust. I'm not seeing much difference...

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