Luftwaffe Ace Erich Hartmann

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Dec 27, 2005
Hello Gentlemen,

Im looking for a complete list of decorations of Major Hartmann.
He received :

KC, OL,SW and Diamonds
Iron Cross 1st class
Iron Cross 2sd class
Pilot badge with diamonds
Honor Goblet

and which more ???

Can anyone help me ?
Do you believe that Erich Hartmann was the best fighter pilot ever?

Maybe not but if OKL E.front records are taken seriously (And a fellow named Kennedy has a lot to show W.front scores to be dubious.) he pulled on more red A/C than you can shake a stick at. His biog by the late beloved Ray Tolliver, says jg 52 scores were meticulously compiled. Also jg52 had Barkhorn301, Rall 275, Stienhoff 175, etc. The campaign in the east was a seething cauldron of violence, and Ivan heaped huge amounts of material at the invaders,(much of it sub par with its Ger counter.) like shoot salmon in a river, now try it in a hatchery, the east was like the hatchery. Hartmann claimed his success was an ability to see the other guy first. Wingmen of his report to him spotting the enemy out too 5000 meters. Interestingly our guy Richard I Bong (joebong)possessed the long distance vision gene as well, both to were complete masters at flying they're preferred mounts. Erich scored his 352nd kill in his 825th combat dogfight, thats less than a 50% success record, for a guy that worked that hard it does'nt seem unreasonable.

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