Maestro's "Artwork"

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Master Sergeant

I think all of you saw the B-25 I drew with AutoCAD. Well, while waiting for a download to end, I decided to exercise myself on a B-17. Here is the finished job.

I have the feeling something is wrong about my B-17, though... Are it's engines too small, or it's wings too big ? I don't know.

Anyway, here is the screenshot of both my B-25 and B-17. Please, don't laugh, my B-25 was made a while back.

While searching on Google for a clean picture of a B-17, I fell on that one and I thought it needed to be posted... What a chalkboard ! :shock:


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Hi Maestro,

nice design. I tell ya what's wrong about your B-17. In comparation with wings and tail wings, the fuselage is very tiny, and so are the engines. So rather enlarge these parts or make the wings and taill smaller.

Thanks for your help. I made some changes, but the best I could do without re-drawing it all is below.

Note to myself : Do NOT unify your model unless you're sure it is fine.


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