Mediterranean nightfighters?

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Aug 21, 2006
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Fellow forum travellers..... Talking about best nightfighters around here, maybe I could squeeze in a question? What was the nightfighter scene like around the Mediterranean? Which units were stationed there and which machines were used? Was it much activity?
yes it was busy and brickhistory when he sees this will be able to add his two cents.

I have info on the US units but as to British and Auusie units, well we will have to have other guys from those areas fill in.

US NFS : 415th with Beaufighters and in 45 the P-61
416th with Beaufighters and later marks of the Mosquito
417th with Beaufighters and in 45 the P-61

sadly much has been written of the ETO and the Pacific but almost 0 on the Med
RAF 23 squadron- Mosquito. At the end of the 1942, the squadron moved to Malta in support of allied operations in the Mediterranean before returning to the UK in 1944.
Several RAF NFS. Will look up specifics when able.


414 NFS Beaufighter, then P-61 late in 1944 in Italy
415 NFS ditto
416 NFS, Beau, Mosquito, P-61
417 NFS Beau until P-61 in late March 1945

Most Med night fighting had disappeared by early 1944, moving to the northern rim of the Sea and into northern Italy, southern Germany, Austria, the Balkans, etc.

Thanks for the book plug; I'd be interested for comments/reviews if/when anyone reads it.
Moose Fumerton Canada's highest scoring night fighter scored alot of his kills in a beaufighter in Med theatre, not sure which squadron though
I hope I can be excused the self-congratulations:

I have received good reviews, so far, from:

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and just this week, Aviation History Magazine.

If you've read it, I'd value your feedback.
Anyone read "Beaufighters in the Night" yet?

I'd be interested in opinions and thoughts.


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