MISS UNIVERSE 2007 from Japan

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Nov 9, 2005
Miss Japan, Riyo Mori- MISS UNIVERSE® 2007

Ms. Mori is 20 years-old and has been dancing since she was 4. She loves traveling the world and enjoys visiting museums and watching musicals.

more: Miss Universe®

more pics: Japonka zosta³a now± Miss Universe


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Apparantly Miss USA got booed by the Mexican crowd at some point when she walked out. I am sorry that is very rude and you do not do that to any contestant whether you agree with the politics of the her country or not.

Screw them, just for that I would completely make it illegal for them to enter the country period!
no kidding, my thoughts exactly after I saw the film of her doing the butt drop on stage and getting booed as she stuck her hand in the question jar yesterday...........
They were chanting too. I heard the audio it sounded like "Me -hee -co" over and over. Any one hear that chant and have another translation besides "Mexico"?
I sure wish America would give up on the rest of the world (most of it any how)...They hate us..It gets old..Paying for the thangs we do ..And getting kick in the teeth..:confused:
Your kidding right. It's billions of dollars that will realize millions of dollars of benefits. You want research, you don't need to pump it into foreign aid. And I lump everyone into that category. From Isreal to Egypt to Sudan. Don't give them monies for God's sake, give them product.
I hear ya Haztoys. But open your wallet baby. We're gonna solve AIDS in Africa now.

Some congressmens brother inlaw own a Med company making AIDS drugs..?

Or was it VP Cheney owns a Med company that makes AIDS drugs... No what it was,,was Bush's mother inlaw maybe..Or...........:rolleyes: ..

Sorry I just had too..:oops:
Hell with that can I rub Miss USA's butt sure it needed some tender care. Any way who cares if some drop kick booed Miss USA. She had poise to recover from an on stage slip. And Miss Japan in one photo looks like she is chewing gravel

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