My tribute to the U.S

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Oct 3, 2005
Events have taken place over the past few years highlighting differences between Canada and United States. Economic issues involving softwood lumber, the beef industry, and wheat trade have fostered some degree of animosity between these two neighbours. Add to this Canada's decision not to send troops to Iraq in support of United States and several disparaging remarks made by prominent Canadians regarding the United States and President Bush. One would think it impossible for these countries to respect one another but nothing could be further from the truth.
The above issues will be resolved amicably in due time. This is because the single characteristic that unites these nations is their firm belief in democracy. Both Canada and United States firmly support values that are based on democratic principles. Some laws may differ in the two countries but the world can rest assured both Canadians and Americans support the principle that each individual has basic rights and freedoms as a human being on the face of our planet.

Nations and religious groups that foster terrorism as a means of controlling people or promoting selfish values will someday face judgement in the eyes of the world. Terrorist cells believe their cowardly acts will disrupt or destroy the economy of the nations and people they attack, making it easier to place their own in control of those nations. In some cases, it is the mistaken belief that nations must be controlled by religion. Canadians and Americans support the freedom of choice in religions and, for the most part, in the separation of religion and the government.

Canada and United States are not alone in their support for democracy. Many nations have turned to democracy to elect their governments, make laws, and promote the worth of the individual. United States has found itself on many occasions brought into conflicts where American lives have been lost in support of basic human values. Canada also has lost lives helping United States or the world body government, the United Nations, in correcting wrongs that were forced on people unable to defend themselves.

When it comes to fighting for democratic values, one must give special recognition to the efforts of United States. In many ways, this country has been the greatest friend to Canada.
Nice post but in it you say the following: "In many ways, this country(USA) has been the greatest friend to Canada." :D :D You have that right, if it were not for the USA we would be screwed, well maybe not screwed but not as well off as we are now in many ways, trade being the biggest perhaps. USA is not only our greatest friend but our big brother also. Do we argue sometimes with our big brother sure (what family does not), but that does not mean that we ever want to see him leave, hell no!!! While I do not agree with everything USA does or stands for, if it was not for them the world would be alot worse off place to live. Thank-you USA
Jesus f*ckin' christ. I never expected that. Well done, hussars! And for your own pleasure, I actually sent out a good message for Canada a while back. I'm pretty sure NS wet his pants when he read it.

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