My two warbirds

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nz builder

May 5, 2007
These two models are eventually going to take to the air! The Spitfire is a VB with GWS retracts and CD ROM motor (3 channels). The Hurricane is an old Earl Stahl plan from the late 30s when the Hurricane was still a classified weapon. Both plans were heavily modified for minature scale flight. I tried to get the appearance as close as possible while maintaining a light weight. The Spit is 30' wingspan and the Hurricane is as per the plan at around 27'. Please post your comments and suggestions.


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Nice job! With a wingspan like those I'd have to get a whole seperate room in my house just to show them :lol:
Thanks for the comments. Im presently looking up the photos of the Hurricane with the weathering added. Until then here are a couple of other shots of my two RC warbirds in various stages of building.


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By the way as far as when will I fly them, it will be when my flying chops are considerably better!!!!
Well done mate.:) :thumbleft: I like both.But especially the Spitfire with Polish 303 Squadron markings.:D
Those are very impressive machines. I'd like to see how they fly, what part of NZ are you from? My best mate's dad builds RC models like that, if you are from near Chch you may know of him. He has a Corsair, Mustang, Fw190D-9, among others, enormous things, what would scare me is simply making a mistake and writing the model off, all that hard work, gone! I'd prefer to build one for a project with all the gear in it ,but hang it up as a model, I'd be too scared.
I saw a video online theo ther day, a B-24, 2.5 metre wingspan, it looked incredible, one of teh servos must have broken because it just snapped left on take off and crashed....
Im presently planning my next build and would be grateful for any suggestions. I also wanted to try an Axis aircraft but am open to suggestions.The Me109 would be good but I would imagine that the tail surfaces would need enlargment for good flight. Im also planning a low wing "trainer" based on a warbird, built in blue foam and covered in paper.

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