My WW2 Aviation Photgraphy

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This is some work that I have done of the P-51D, "Big Beautiful Doll". Enjoy.


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Checkers usually distract from the detail beneath so a careful choice in opacity is required. That's "Big Beautiful Doll". If you've seen her in flight, the spinner has a neat effect to it's motion caused by it's black white sectioned paint job.
Here is hoping that you will be able to contribute more aviation photos and videos to the collection. Welcome. Healz.
I have many photos I can contribute over time. WW2 aviation runs deep within the P-47 is my all time favorite though I love 'em all. I had the chance to meet and talk to Francis S. Gabreski before he passed. His life story is one I would recommend, "Gabby, A Fighter Pilot's Life" published by Schifffer Military History. He was kind enough to sign the many books I would send for his autograph comment(including a complete collection of maintenence manuals on the 47). My wife I visited him at his home on Long Island in July 1999. There we sat and viewed some of his gun camera footage, talked about the combat flying etc.. I would speak Polish with him often, he really got a kick out of that. He would visit Poland at least once a year, to visit his parents home town and to see some of his flying pals from his RAF days. He was truly a great man and would give of his time freely.
Hallo Krzysztof !!!
Nice to read you there.An excellent work.Stay with us for longer,please.
Pozdrowienia z kraju.
Thanks guys. Wildcat, if you like P-40's I have a shoot coming up to do the Alleutian Tiger that won Grand Champion at Oshkosh. Should be fantastic as their restoration was fabulous.

Czesc Wurger, Pozdrowiena na wzajem. Jake modele lubisz budowac? I plan on staying around for a long while. Krzysztof
Lancaster ol' chap, while I love sunny weather I find it more exciting to fly along the tops of and in and out of clouds while on an instrument flight plan. Does much more for me than droning along a clear blue sky. Just trying to create more of a sense of adventure with the backgrounds. If you recall the days of WW2, the RAF USAAF waited out days weeks worth of gloom and flew in marginal to poor weather most of the time. I was up at 11,500ft the other day, over the clouds, and shot this photo that I'm attaching next. I think you'll like it. I thank you for your opinion. Cheers.

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