Need your help, please!

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Aug 31, 2006
My son is doing his history fair project on the triumphs and tragedies of WWII aircraft. Do you have suggestions of where he can locate good resources?

Thanks in advance!
wow, ur son is lucky that he can get help from his parents for his projects

triumphs? ty googling those words mentioned like Ploesti or Midway
or maybe even just type them in here, there is a search button somewhere
Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm pretty much an ogre parent with internet sites, so I told him I'd join the forum, but he has to do his own research :) He's in 8th grade and he loves the subject of planes, especially of this era.

We are in North Florida, so I'm not sure if there are resources close to here. He is trying to decide whether to do an exhibit or a 10 minute documentary. We were worried about using footage - whether that would be costly or infringing on copywrites, etc.

ANy other thoughts or suggestions?
Since it is for a school project, copyrights shouldn't be too much of an issue. The only CAF chapter in Florida is in Deland, I have no idea where that is in association with where you are. There is also one in Atlanta Georgia. If he is looking to do an exhibit, feel free to use any of the iamges from my website. If there are specific aircraft he is looking for, post here as I know there are others that have private collections.
What kind of specific aircraft is he looking for. We have a world of information here on this site and I am sure everyone here would be willing to help with pics or information of the types.
for info, he could (or you) search around here in the picture album, or even try wikipedia

for good wwII color pics
World War 2 Pictures In Color
and FYI, i am a little 7th grade meatball from a 3rd world country
tell you what, as you're Americans why not go for a different angle other than primarily american events? combat on the eastern front for example, harder to research but very different to an all American presentation, come up with a theme for the project and we'll all help.........
He is very familiar with all types of planes from various countries - he definitely doesn't want to focus on one country or one type of plane. He is not here, but will be home on Monday. I'll have him look at your responses and then let him post more specific questions.

The biggest thing he has to do is show that there were both triumphs and tragedies (the History Fair theme this year) and what sparked them. For instance, which aircrafts were clearly triumphs (an increased payload, faster, more accurate) and which ones weren't? Were some put together too quickly because of the war and not tested enough? Was there a reason or need to increase fuel efficiency or payload?

You get the idea...

I really do appreciate all of your suggestions! He's going to be so surprised that there's a community out here like this. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
In bigger scale, the Battle of Poland and France was a tragedy, and also ocuppation of Czechoslovakia, the planes ready for fight were took over by Nazis without a single shot duie to the Munich Agreement... But I'm going off topic. I definately agree on the Battle of Britain, it was a key event in WW2...
For triumph and tragedy in the same vein, the Me-262 was a technological marvel, a triumph. In the end it was too little, too late and the alloys that were needed for heat treating the engines was not available. So it was a triumph in engineering and a tragedy in logistics and supply.
yes i think that a triumph born out of a tragedy is a good idea, like a presentation on one tragedy, and then explain the lessons learnt and then explain how that was applied to a triumph, for example dare i say it, the tragedy of the Avro Manchester and the Triumph of the Avro lancaster :rolleyes:
I agree Eric. Any number of German projects from WW2 would be great to do a project on because they all were successful in some way but in another they failed such as the Me-262, Ta-152, etc...
This year is the 70th anniversary of the first flight of the Spitfire. Whilst this may seem an obvious choice it does fit in with the remit - one of the best planes of the War, frequently flown in the early years by volunteer Americans, whilst many fresh, young pilots never made it past their first operation.

One big advantage is that there is likely to be a lot of information for your son to use !

this's true, it's looking more and more likely that you should do a Battle of Britain and the Blitz presentation as few americans will know about it and the triumph could be fending off the Luftwaffe, tragedy being the bombing of civilians perhaps?
He got feedback from his teacher, who wants the topic narrowed downto one plane. So, he'd like to see what you think about either the ME 262 or the ME163 Komet. Which do you think would be the best choice? Or is there another one that would be better?

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