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I suggest clearing your browsers cache if you find it slow, and for the smilies I have modified them on the advanced post, and added a link to smilies in the quick reply box.
thanks for the change, but I don't see any link to the smileys in the advanced reply nor the quick reply

the only link is at the very bottom of the page, "smileys are on", and the font options are gone too, probably cause i use firefox, is there a difference?
There shouldn't be any difference with Firefox. You should see the [Smilies] option in the lower left of the Quick Reply message box at the bottom of your screen. In the Post Reply box, they'll appear on the right.
Thank you all for the excellent work I'm technically challenged but once i figured it out it is very good
Altogether a nice looking facelift thanks for the hard work.

But........ there's always a 'but'.

I can no longer see how many times my pics have been d/l. Call me retentive but I liked that. Satisfying if ultimately pointless.

Second, I got used to being able to look at my recent posts from the main page. Now all I have is going to the forums and going on from there so it takes more time and more clicks.

I like being able to upload multiple files though.

That said over the last few days it has not accepted for upload two 20 meg wmv vid clips. Didn't used to do this. I will re-do the clips mpg to wmv and check.
The number of times a picure has been downloaded was misleading. It was how many times it was viewed, not downloaded.

To view the new posts, there is a "New Posts" section in the main titlebar at the top of the page. You just have to get used to thenew layout to find things.

If you look at the attachments section, it shows you what the file size limits are for each attachment type. It is actually more generous than other forums that I use. The chances of a video file being larger than 20MB actually being downloaded and watched are smaller, as some people are using slower links, andd some are on dialups.
to whom it may concern i have been trying to bring up the picture of lancaster b mk111 (hk606 with crew taken sometime in march 1945 as seen on google search engine has spent over ten hours going through your archive with no result could you please enable me to view this picture as cannot waste no more time if you have not got this image why is it on there for or is this a wind up
firstly HK606 was a Mk.I, secondly i don't believe such a picture exists in our albums, do you have the google link for where you found it............
To you and/or any Admin:

Today this 'News' user started posting a bunch of new items.
I don't know if this is something planned or a surprise, but it is a bit confusing when we browse the new posts.

Could be possible to automatically route this 'news' postings to a separate folder?

thank you

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