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Hi everyone,
I am new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself.
I am Chris McMillin, an airline pilot with a serious affliction to liking warbirds. I have flown a few of them, and am lucky enough to have my own airplane based at Chino so my old warbird buddies aren't far away.
Looking forward to reading lots of good stuff from you all.


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pretty sweet, welcome chris, a few of our memebers aren't a million miles from Chino and we've got a couple of pilots here so chances are you'll fit right in, welcome.......
Hey chris, and welcome.... Take a few moments/hours/days to browse around our forums, read some of the older, archived stuff, read up on some of the not so recent topics, and get a feel for how things run here....

Educate urself before opening up ur big fat yapper, so to speak...
Welcome Chris! There's a few of us here who fly as well. I used to live on So Cal and worked at Mojave and Fox Field. I've been into chino on occasion. I go into March AFB and mess around with their aeroclub and some guys who fly L-29s, I'll actaully be at the airshow next weekend.

Do you do any airshow stuff on the west coast with your plane?
Hi everyone and thanks for the warm reception.

I just fly the Pitts for fun and competition aerobatics. Airshows and air racing is also fun but I have had my fill and don't do either anymore.

I used to fly warbirds a little and am now just flying the airliner, the Pitts and my brother's Staggerwing.

I have several children and the boys like airplanes. The oldest was a 3 time National Champion in C/L Scale in the US. The youngest is building models as well, plastic and flying. He is on a twin jag right now, P-38's and A-10's. He is happy that he can go to the airport and see his favorite WWII fighters at Chino. Being nine is good.

I have been mining the site and it looks like fun. I'll mostly have a practical outlook because of my background, I have flown a few types and have a varied level of experience so I like to put myself in the pilot's seat and see how it might've been.

Beech GB-2,Beech C-45, PT-17, Douglas C-47, NAA T-6, B-25, T-28, "someone's Mustang", and the backseat of a dual control Centaurus Sea Fury.
Does a Short SD-3 count? Also transports that might count, but... L-1011,B-727, B-757/767, DC-9, oh and the Bushmaster 2000 tri-motor. I think it was also a YC- something.

The ones with the inward facing separate exhausts are the noisiest airplanes I have ever flown. I always wanted to fly one that was an executive conversion, N201L that had collectors that exited outboard only.
Second noisiest is a 727 at.9 mach.
Yes, the B-727 is a noisy sun of a gun. A other plane that is also noisy is a B-737 the ones with the long engines, the old ones those that were one of the first.


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