Not going to be about much for a while

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Staff Sergeant

As you will have noticed I have not been around as much as previously, the reason is I am not well, to be frank, I'm bloody sick, I have a glandular infection of my face and shingles also on my face.

I'm going to have a wee rest for about a month. If you need me, call on Horse :D or CC or one of the other admins. I will pop in from time to time so just be good little critters, eh? :D

I will be back, hopefully well, strong as old socks and burtsing with patriotic fervour!

Take care

Rest up Kiwi, and take care of that infection! They can be uncomfortable as all hell, I know. I've had them in the past.

We'll be good, we promise. ;)
May the Force be with you. :cool:
Damn, glandular infections are bad, I had one when I was about 10 and missed 2 months of school. Get well soon. 8)
geez man ! that sucks literally..........

well kick the feet up, take the meds, have a good bier and a good lookin lady by your side with a view of the ocean.....

rest up

E ♪

Its winter here mate, so the ocean is out. My meds won't let me take beer and so I have only the goodlooking lady -- my wife. Ah well, one out of three ...... SUCKS!

Aw, c'mon now kiwi! Just because the ocean's cold...and full of killer sharks...:-k...Yeah, ok that does suck I guess. And the no beer part would be rough, there's no doubt. You're one of these miserable patients I'll bet, aren't ya? :lol:
Me too. Get well mate! ;)
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