Nürnberg für Adler or anyone else

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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
actually this is a photographic check to see if these two images even come out or are so puny you cannot see them.

Lorenz Kirche era 1911 before it was almost blown away during the bombings-1945 where Nürnberg suffered some 90% destruction of it's Altstadt.


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second foto, this outside it's walls. Adler does this view look familiar ??


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Erich said:
second foto, this outside it's walls. Adler does this view look familiar ??

Actually that part of Nurnberg still looks that way today. It was all rebuilt after the war. I drive past that tower and wall every Sunday on my way to dance lessons with my wife. I will try and park my car at the Bahnhof on Sunday and take some pictures to compare. Can not make a promise though du to the fact that the Christmas markets are going on traffic is bitch and so is parking.
Just for comparison until I take some pictures myself of this beautiful German city on Sunday here is some that I pulled off the internet. I feel really fortunate living so close to Nurnberg. It has so much history and is very beautiful. The wonderful thing about Nurnberg is the fact that they have blended the old part of town and the new part of town. It has the modern buildings as well as the old medieval style buildings it is very beautiful.


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syscom3 said:
dance lessons?

Yes for the fun of it, me and my wife take dance lessons. We learned how to Wiener Walser, Foxtrot, Salsa, Jive, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, and are currently working on the Paso Dubla (I probably spelled the name wrong but I like to call it the Zoro Dance [you know from the move Zoro where he dances with C.Z. Jones]). After our first course which was 9 weeks long, we enjoyed it so much and had so much fun together we signed up for another and now we are on our 4th course.
I see they did a wonderful job on the Lorenz church to match up it's old likeness.............will be waiting for pics from your trip soon Adler
Well Bad news guys. I will not make it to Nurnberg today. The weather is really bad and the roads are worse. Me and my wife are not going to take a chance and wreck our Jeep on the way to Nurnberg or back. The temps are very freezing and the roads are icy. Vis sucks also with the blowing snow.

I do live only a 30 minute drive from Nurnberg though so I will get there soon and get the pictures, I promise.
Adler I would rather have you safe along with the Mrs. than take a chance i horrid weather. Been in too many accidents, wrecking my vechiles thinking I could make it to a destination this time of year....

be safe and enjoy the weather from inside. How large is Ansbach anyway ?

great pic Pisis !

♪ ♫ ♪
Pisis that looks almost indentical to the headwaters of our Rogue river up by beautiful Crater Lake....gorgeous.

here is Mittenwald im Winter, at least on a clear day


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