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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England

Ive noticed recently that there are a lot of threads that are months old and have not been posted in for months. I think it would be a good idea if you put all threads that, say, havent been posted in for 3 months into a new forum, titled "old threads" or something. However i think you should still be able to post in them.

Good idea or bad idea? I thought it would make the common threads more easily accessible.

Ta. 8)
Hm, this too should be made an old thread since the last post was made back in 2004...

Just a joke! Seriously, I have a question about this old threads... They are supposed to be waiting to be revived, but how can that be when is impossible to post in them? For example, I have found one interesting (to me anyway) old thread in which I wanted to post but couldn't...

There can be some pretty interesting stuff hidden in this old threads.
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The problem is that the threads take up space, so they are archived.

You could always ask a moderator to open up a thread for you, or you could simply start a new thread on the subject.

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