One cartoon

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Nov 22, 2004
Can you understand what the cartoon is about?


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It is either spanish or Prtugese, Spanish I'd say.
and it's some lefty fuckers bulshit against US...
I reckon, by the pictures, that it has something to do with comparing the US to the Roman Empire.
"Bush had a problem..
He needed a war in order to re-elect himself

In the end he succeeded both things...

But the war resulted in a fiasco.

Now the United States are *something* with it..

They can't see how to get out...

Its friends end, the enemies multiply and strengthen, the region radicalizes..

And Bush has a new problem: how to continue the presidency with his party.

He invents another war."

Ok, now I'll just summarize...

Something about the Mexican army having excursions into US territory, instead of Mexicans getting indignant, they respond about it being a complete convoy, in september of last year to help the damned who didn't help Bush.

Mehhhhh, whatever.
plan_D said:
I reckon, by the pictures, that it has something to do with comparing the US to the Roman Empire.

All empires fail, it's part of their nature. Of course the US empire will last a good while, but economic factors will decide it's fate, as war is out of the question now.

History will repeat itself ;)
Mr. Evan:

Well, I had no actual point by posting this; perhaps just to show you the piece of work, and for those who might find interesting, to let them have the discussion-I do not join political discussions-.

Have to say I do not understand some parts of the cartoon; one, for instance, the Hamas guy singing something to the Peace Dove.

And what of that angry elephant pointing his finger at someone?

I do not watch the news a whole lot anymore, I do not need to be reminded everyday by some nut on TV that human beings are worthless creatures and that the world they have managed to create is pretty much a hole filled with feces and several more rotten items. :shock:
Well I am a Human and I dont think that I am worthless, nor do I think that any of the people that I know are worthless.

People that think that way should just do us all a favor and off themselves.
Mr. Adler:

Thank you for the pretty wishes. Sorry to tell you I will make you no favor at all though.


you are correct, the elephant is the symbol of that party!

That gentleman, known as Germansrgeniuses, made a pretty accurate translation of the cartoon.
Mr. Flyboy Sr. :

I finally understand what the Hamas guy is singing; although my spanish is very fluent now, I will always continue learning.

Mexicans -just like many other people on this planet- are good at wordgames; it took me a fast but accurate moment of concentration to understand the meaning.

So, the Peace Dove is saying "where? when? how?" and the guy -a Hamas man- is simply responding "Hamas, Hamas, Hamas" which is pronunciated exactly as Jamas which is spanish for Never.

There will never be peace there.

So Hamas and Jamas are spelled the same here.

J in spanish, spelled always like "H", as in "hot" or "honey"
Udet you sound a tad pessimistic how you see the world and the people who inhabit it.
I am afraid I'm not very good at the Samaritan thoughtful and comforting words,
so I have only one solution for your depressive take on life. Farewell and will the last person to leave please turn out the sun.


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