P-38 Cutaway

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Mar 10, 2003
Florida, USA
P-38 Cutaway


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I've seen several. The baggage compartment wasn't all that big, but was useful for smuggling contraband (like scotch) into forward areas. More useful was the nose. I read that if the Lightning didn't carry ammo it could smuggle something like 4 cases of Aussie scotch up to the forward bases. These planes would inturn be escorted by Lightnings with a full ammo load.
It was a joke :rolleyes:

Yes, everyone still does it now. I've heard plenty of stories of smuggling stuff through now, like under panels in fighters, they don't get checked :D
What if the last B-36 had its bomb bay turned into a huge keg? The "Coalition" (Allies sounds sooo much better!) could use it as a super long-range morale booster! It's a crazy plan but it would work!

or, if a lancaster carried a 22,000lb pinata hanging below it on a few heavy duty chains, and a hurricane and a spit had to shoot at it to break it open to release the sweets :lol: hang on, maybe thats why the lancaster is at the BBMF :D
I think a lot of people stood under it are going to die, but again, I'm up for it... :lol:

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