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Hello Friends.

I want to share with you another scale model made of paper. This time, it's a Hawker Sea Fury and a P-51C III Mustang.

The Mustang depicts June-July 1944 livery. Anyone recognizes the Sea Fury paint?

Paper: cardstock 125 gr
Printer: HP 5600
Glue: UHU clear
Mustang scale: 1/50
Sea Fury scale: 1/48
Mustang available here:cardmodel
The Sea Fury is not available anymore on this model, but more can be found here: THAIPAPERWORK Easy But Beautiful


Hey, they aren't bad well done, with the black and white stripes it would be Korean war vintage or there abouts? I have a vacform seafury painted pretty much the same and it was definitely Korean war period as the pilot shot down a Mig.
I'm still not seeing the pics.Does anybody have the same problem?
Now I can see them.Excellent work Paperjerry. :thumbleft: I like them both but the Mustang the most.The info on this Mustang is correct.I'm also working on the same Mustang model but it is in 1:33 scale.There are somewhere some pics of my model in the forum.


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I'm more a plastic/ scratchbuild man myself, Jerry, but those are some great looking aircraft you've got there!
The Mig 3 and P-40 are especially effective!

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