Pictures of Bavaria and other parts of Southern Germany.

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Nov 8, 2004
Well at the request of Syscom3 I have started a thead with pictures of Bavaria and other parts of Southern Germany.

Here are the first installments of the pics, I hope you enjoy them.

These first pics are of the Town of Rothenburg O.D.T which is about 20 min from where I live. It is a beautiful town in the Franken region of Bavaria.


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This next set of pictures are pics that we took the other day when we flew to the alps and around Neuschwanstein Castle.


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I like Rothenburg and this shop with Christmas gifts...
ok the town by the See bitte ? that isn't the Tergensee is it ? I note a castle- like structure on the left of the little town

post away please Adler ....... I am foaming at the mouth wishing I was there
I'll add my pictures of Rothenburg, if Adler doesn't mind. The second picture is actually the view from Adler's house, I was amazed at such a beautiful scene.


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man where's my bike ? ! wimper, wimper

question gents what was going on in Rothenburg with the chaps in period costume this day ? Pikemen and Museteers, etc .........

I'm having withdrawls ........
Erich said:
question gents what was going on in Rothenburg with the chaps in period costume this day ? Pikemen and Museteers, etc .........

Thats the security at a French military installation (or security for a queensryche concert?
I don't know, it was some festival, Erich. Celebrating ... nothing. They just wanted to dress up and drink. I can't blame them.
Yes as pD said it is just a medieval festival. They get together and show how they lived back then. Nothing special but they do it all the time in Rothenburg.

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