Royal Marines slang...

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Master Sergeant
Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

While making a search on Google, I accidently fell on that page :
Royal Marines slang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here are a few of my favorites :

ABC - All Been Changed
ABCBA - All Been Changed Back Again
bag off - to have sex, (usually with a woman who is too drunk to confirm it)
fart sack - sleeping bag
PIG - officer, acronym for 'Polite Intelligent Gentleman', used with heavy irony
A couple of colourfull Kiwi ones for ya.

Turtle. When she is on her back she's F'ed

Battalion Bicycle. Every one has ridden her.
One I still use a lot is NFI - not f*cking interested. Very useful. Especially as I'm now a teacher, and a lot of whingeing students come to whine about problems of their own making...
Don't know if it's Army, but do you Yanks know the expression "a double-bagger"?

One type over her head so you don't have to look at her (ugly) face, and the other sort stops you getting the clap.
They used to put this horrid mixed veg stuff in our ratpacks - the stuff the French mix in with mayonnaise and put all over perfectly good food to spoil it - and it was dis-gusting. All sorts of stuff in, carrot, turnip, green beans, etc.

DPV, we called it, like DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material)for the combat clothing, this was Disruptive Pattern Vegetables. Yeeeuk! :puke: Never eaten the stuff since.
mid 80's some plonker Logistics Occifer placed the annual order for the dry ration packs (we had two types, Dry Rats and Wet Rats, figure them out for yourself).

He added an extra 0 to the order by mistook, Not the brightest budgie in the cage that boy.

End result was for bloody years we were eating time expired garbage. It got that bad in the end the following happened on the first meal break of a four day "gone bush" ex.

Set up hexi burner.

Open Dixie.

Rip open puke looking pack of freeze dry food, and tip in.

(normally you add water, apply to heat and wait for it to heat through)

Add water.

Food immediatly bubbles and foams all by itself, no heat applied.]

Have a cup of coffe for food.

Walk out following morning in disgust.
Curry powder and washed out insect repellant bottles full of Wortershire Sauce for flavouring were all we used to take extra Les.

Even carboard becomes a fest with those two essentials.:p

And no one realised the problem caused to us from on high until we had the foaming incident, it had been covered up by the stores people.

Mind you, it was great using the dehydrated apples and peaches with chocolate, rice, and honey mixed in. crush the biscuits in your Battle Bowler add sugar and sprinkle on top. Peach Cobbler for two. Yumm.

Mind you we learnt to put the rice in one of our water bottles each morning, other wise it was like eating gravel. Water tasted naff, but water is water when you need it.
"One day two troopies from the Double R
Sitting in the bush with an old guitar,
They came up with a remedy
For graze that ain't what it should be -

"Do the Ratpack Boogie woogie-woogie...

"One troopie said,
"Now it ain't so bad,
Just about the best meal I ever had -
I made chutney for my ham,
Put my bully beef and curry with my apricot jam."

"Do the Ratpack Boogie, etc"

John Edmond, Ratpack Boogie

Ever tried French rats? Don't; they put tuna fish in the things. I've managed to track a Frog patrol through the bush by the revolting smell they give off after eating!
Here in Texas we have coyote ugly. You may have heard of it. Man wakes up and sees horribly ugly, naked woman sleeping with her head on his arm. Rather than wake the wretched woman up, he chews his arm off and escapes leaving her asleep. THe only thing worse is double coyote ugly. That's where the guy first puts some distance between him and his coyote ugly honey then chews his other arm off just in case she wakes up and goes in search of a one-armed man.

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