Russian stunt pilots to fly through cave in China

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA

BEIJING (AFP) - A team of Russian pilots will reportedly fly fighter jets through a narrow cave in central China in a tourist stunt that will cost people up to 840 dollars to watch.

The Russian air force jets, including advanced Sukhoi Su-30s and Su-27s, will fly through the famed Tianmen Cave in central Hunan province on March 17-18, the Hunan Daily said.

The cave, which resembles a rock archway, is only 57 meters (188 feet) wide at its widest point and 28 meters wide at its narrowest, it said.

The cave is about 280 meters long and 130 meters high, and according to the China Daily, "is the highest water-eroded cave in the world".

Local officials are hoping to reap huge profits from the March event with 20,000 tickets on sale for up to 6,800 yuan (840 dollars) each, the China Daily said.

Publicity and ticket fees from a similar event in 1999 helped generate 2.5 billion yuan (308 million dollars) in tourism revenues over the next three years, the press reports said.

Organizers have already paid 52 million yuan to put on the upcoming event, including 2.7 million yuan for insurance, the Hunan Daily said.

The event is part of the "Year in Russia" celebrations in China.

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