Save Bletchley Park Campaign

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Jul 30, 2008
During World War II, Bletchley Park was the location of the United Kingdom's main codebreaking establishment. Codes and ciphers of several Axis countries were deciphered there, most importantly those of the German Enigma and Lorenz machines.

From 1943, Colossus, one of the earliest digital electronic computers, was constructed in order to break the German teleprinter on-line Lorenz cipher known as TUNNY. Colossus was designed and built by Tommy Flowers and his team at the Post Office Research Station at Dollis Hill. The Colossus series of machines, of which there were ten by the end of the war, were operated at Bletchley Park.

Today Bletchley Park is in danger of irreparable decay unless the British Government steps in to save it. The Bletchley Park Trust receives no external funding. It has been deemed ineligible for funding by the National Lottery, and turned down by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation.

You can help the Save Bletchley Park Campaign by signing an online petition as part of efforts to motivate the UK government into action.

UK residents can sign this petition: Petition to: Save Bletchley Park.
Non-UK residents can sign this petition: International Petition

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