Second book fresh off the press

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Price is the same for autographed copies, just have to figure out the logistics of that. With the first book, I had a couple of guys order from me so that I could sign them before sending them off. Otherwise, you pay for additional shipping to you, them me, then back to you.
Eric impressive photography again, you have a definate feel for the action - congratulations on another superb work.

much success in 09 !!

E ~
Very nice !. That is a definite must get !.

I've often wondered about having a go at producing a book, but wouldnt know where to start...besides which, most of my pics are a few years old now !.

Anyway, congrats on your book...and heres to the next !
Thanks again, guys. It was quite a bit of work to get it all together, but well worth the effort. It's nice to have a bound copy of my best shots of the year.

On a side note, I was at the Cable airshow over the weekend and got Rob and Susan Harrison to autograph my first book, That Little Yellow Airplane. Rob returned to the skies this past weekend, performing for the first show since his crash in Modesto back in May of 2008.

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