Silly phrases in foreign languages

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I speak English: : Suck my dick

Mluvím česky (Czech): Vykuř mi péro

Mluviem slovensky (Slovak): Vyhul mojho kokota

Mluwiem i troche polski (Polish): Prozse diwka, kurzaj mego chuja

Gavariyu parusski (Russian): Guvno

Ich spreche Deutsch auch (German): Grüss Gott, wie geht's? Ich bin ganz OK.

Je ne parlais pa francais (Froggyeater): Je souis roi de'ez a pinque

Any medaber ivrit ktsat (Hebrew): Shalom, ata ptsa-tsa shel tukhes tov!

Čingole para romale (Gipsy): Chorro more tsingulle, khazmine pel!

Now, how many languages can you speak? (I'm especially interested in Cute Corporal...) :lol:

Well it depends on many things... :lol:

no, she said she "so knowledgable" so I'm wondering in how many langugeas she's able to say eg. "eat up my pussy"

Really - I'm just trying to keep the "funny" way of this forum.

Pisis said:
Je ne parlais pa francais (Froggyeater): Je souis roi de'ez a pinque

I never heard something like this... :-k

I speak several languages... English, Redneck English, International French, Quebecker French and French Slang. :lol:

Oh... Also a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very basic German.
Hi Maestro,

I dunno if it's really spelt correctly (looks like it isn't) but it is a special word in French, which means: "The king of switching TV channels"

But I speak also very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very basic French, so...


PS: Sorry for the Froggyeater. :cry: ...I'z drunk...
Sure... that's the point of this nonsense phrase... My French friend told me.
I'm not sure of the Hebrew, Pisis, but tukhes is actually Yiddish and means ass, or butt. Tov is good or well. I think that may actually mean Kiss my ass, but my hebrew is pretty rusty. The hebrew word for dick is bida.
Hi evanglider,

yup the tukhes is in Yiddish, and my Hebrew is very basic also. The sentence "Shalom, ata ptsa-tsa shel tukhes tov" should mean "Peace, you are a very nice girl with a nice booty" but I think there are two faults. "Shel" means "from" and then that "tukhes"... Anyway, I think I'd get some slaps for saying that, if not fists - Israeli girls are pretty tough tough. :!:

Where did you learn your rusty Hebrew?


You reminded me one scene from The Simpsons when the Germans buy Mr. Burns' atomic plant and there's a interview with Mayor Quimby, who says "Ich bin ein Shpringfielder". :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

pisis,the correct phrase is at ptzatza im tajat tov

ata os for men,not woman. ;) ;)

the word for dick in hebrew is zain,and the polite one is min
whe can do bussisnes pisis,y send to you an israeli,you send me one from your country ;) ;) ;)

but,still,y preffer yhe ones whe have here from the former soviet union,especially ukraine and rusia
OK, it's "AT" I quitted Hebrew lessons two years ago. Any medaber ksat, lo tof, ve any lo mevina tov. Aval any ohev ose khaim. :lol:

And I love Israeli ptzatzot (not the Palestinian ones lol :lol:). They drive me mad...
:shock: what a f*cking page!!! but these chicks on the photos must be dummy as hell!

i never tried an israeli pussy actually... damn i'd like to (even i have a girfriend, but please don't tell her - she knows it :lol: )

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