SMS on cell phones

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Dec 20, 2005
damn, i only found out about this now

from wikipedia
The most frequent SMS users are found in south-east Asia. In Singapore, hundreds of messages can be sent per month for free, after which messages cost between SGD 0.05 and SGD 0.07 each to send. The same pricing format is followed in the Philippines where the average user sent 2,300 messages in 2003, making it the world's most avid SMS nation. The Philippines sends around 350 to 400 million SMS daily, more than all the SMS volumes of European countries, America, and China combined. SMS is a part in almost all marketing campaigns, advocacy, and entertainment. In fact, SMS is so inexpensive (messages cost PHP 1.00 (about USD 0.02) to send), influential, powerful, and addictive for Filipinos that several local dotcoms like Chikka Messenger, GoFISH Mobile, and Bidshot now fully utilise SMS for their services.
I hate texting and the children that do it.... Aint nothing like seeing a little 16 year old girlie driving down the road texting.... U usually can tell which ones they are by the swerving and fu*ked up driving...

God, I cant wait till my state, let alone the USA, bans cell phone use while driving.... It cant come soon enough...
I dont see any problem with actually being on the phone while driving, but texting and driving?! Thats just a dumb thing to do...
what i can't stand is people that are dependant one their mobile, a recent survey said 50% of 16-24 year olds in this country say they can't live without their mobile, how pathetic.......
I use my mobile quite often, and do use SMS on it probably more than actual phone calls. It's easier to do, and I can avoid conversation when all I want to do is tell them something.
I text more than I phone - cant stand talking on the phone. If the home phone rings here I dont answer it, and if I dont know the number on my mobile ill cut them off ;)
My wife has one and uses it constantly. I got one for emergencies only. Irritates the $#@! out of my wife because I don't turn it on. My philosophy is keep the battery up and only use it when you really need it. Difficult philosphy I think for the female persuasion.
That'd annoy me too, in fact it'd annoy most people. If the technology is there, I'll use it. And I have one so I can be contacted at all times.
my theory is that not enough people would contact me to warrant getting one and i wouldn't contact them either, besides i can do it on msn for free........

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