St Anger anybody?

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Oct 3, 2005
I probably just as big of a fan of Metallica as Andre The Giant was of whiskey, but I got to say that there latest album St Anger, was a peice of sh*t, I mean come on! Lars Ulrich couldnt keep a beat, James Hetfeild could have sh*t better lyrics , AND KIRK HEMMIT DIDNT DO ONE SOLO!!!! thats bullsh*t, they lost an excellent bass guitarist, there new guy is the perfect example of a "basic bass", which has also gone the same for ulrich, but ulrich has done some good work, in such songs as One,Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets, Blitzkrieg and Fight Fire With Fire, but they have to get back to their old self or just put some hard thought into there next cd, I mean they had 5 years to put thought into St Anger, but maybe its gonna need to take 7 or 8 years to put effort into their new one

Well for those Headbangers out there whats your input?
First of all, its Kirk Hammit... Secondly, I agree with u concerning the album, although the song Some Kind of Monster is a decent jam that I have on my mp3 player....

I think that after Justice for All, Metallica has been more concerned with $$$ than hardcore fans....

Im interested to see what Adler has to say...
Actually its Kirk Hammett.

I happen to be the ultimate Metallica fan. I have seen them 9 times. The first time being in 1988 on the Damage Inc. Tour and the last time just a few weeks ago at Rock im Park 2006 (pics posted in the Plan_D and Adlers Drunken Adventures thread).

As for St. Anger. I happen to think that it was there worst album to date but it was still not a bad album. The only problem was the damn snare drum. They need to drop that which I tell you they have done since I have heard a song that has not been released yet until next year on the next album. They have playing it over here in Europe on there tour right now. St.Anger is not a bad album though. If it had been a different new band, the album would have rocked but it did not because it was Metallica and not what they normally do.

I dont expect the greatest band of all times (which is what they are too me) to do the same kind of music every album. Metallica keeps you on there toes. They are the greatest Heavy Metal band to grace us with great music.

2nd The new bass player Rob, is an excellent bass player. He ****ing brought new life to the scene and is filling Jasons shoes very well. He is alive on stage and plays excellent. He actually plays closer to Cliff Burton then Jason Newstead did because his playing style is closer to Cliff (who in my opinion is the greatest bass player of all times).

3rd When I saw them again 2 weeks ago the show was ****ing amazing! As I stated they played all of the Master of Puppets album in a row and it was totally out of control. Jame's voice was amazing and he sounded like he did 15 years ago. Lars (who you think cant hold a beat, which you are totally wrong/ and you call yourself a fan hussars? :lol:) showed why he is an amazing drummer on that damn double bass! Kirk was great as he usually is, being the best (straight heavy metal) guitarist of all times, and Rob was fricking amazing. That was the 2nd show I have seen with Rob on Bass and I like him. Maybe because I actually know what a Metallica show is supposed to sound like?

Just for those that did not know this is the set list from the last show that I saw them in a couple of weeks ago in Nurnberg, Germany.

01. Creeping Death
02. Fuel
03. Wherever I May Roam
04. The God That Failed
05. Unforgiven
06. Battery
07. Master of Puppets (James also announces that this is the 20th anniversary of Master Of Puppets and that the whole album will be played)
08. The Thing That Should Not Be
09. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
10. Disposable Heroes
11. Leper Messiah
12. Orion
13. Damage Inc.

14. Sad But True
15. Nothing Else Matters
16. One
17. Enter Sandman

18. So What!
19. Seek and Destroy

4th. In my opinion though as a true die hard Metallica fan these are the best Metallica albums in this order.

1. Master Of Puppets
2. ...And Justice For All
3. Ride The Lighting
4. Kill Em All
5. Metallica (Black Album)
6. ReLoad
7. Garage Inc.
8. St. Anger
9. Load

5th. As for the new album, Metallica has been playing a new song that has no title yet but will be on the new album and it sounds great. It is extremely fast, now snare drum, lots of double bass, a killer guitar solo, 9 min 32 seconds long, great intro, killer ending and like there older ****!

I was actually making a joke on hussars about spelling Kirks name wrong a second time Adler... Thought u woulda caught that one.... As u notice, hussars didnt know the difference... Just me doin the ol

As for ur best of order, I am in agreement with u 100% brother.... Puppets, to me, is ranked as the Greatest Heavy Metal Album of All Time, no questions asked, no argument allowed...
Hell yeah it does.

I am just trying to figure out why Hussars started this thread almost 4 years after the album St. Anger came out? Did he finally just buy it and listen to it? And he says he is a fan....

Metallica is a religion for me and has been since the Master of Puppets album came out!!!


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DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
Hell yeah it does.

I am just trying to figure out why Hussars started this thread almost 4 years after the album St. Anger came out? Did he finally just buy it and listen to it? And he says he is a fan....

Metallica is a religion for me and has been since the Master of Puppets album came out!!!

Well to be perfectly honest with you, I have always been a big Megadeath fan, but I have appreciated Metallica through my brother, and one day I went through his old albums, and one cd (St Anger) and started listening, I thought they were awesome and switched brands so to speak

that guy on the right on the first pic is not Kirk Hammit who is it?
lesofprimus said:
I certainly hope ur asking us cause u already know.... Its Dave Mustaine...
But u said above that the album sucked....Make up ur mind dude......

I know who Dave Mustain is, and now Im starting to hate him, because he was a major prick, I have always loved the song, Master Of Puppets and the fact that he claims to have written the song kind illuminates that fact

I meant to say records, and I was pointing out St Anger as a cd thats all, but come to think of it, load and reload werent in the collection, so if my brother has those somewhere they are most likely CD's,
Please tell me you were just kidding?!!!!

Now you say you were always a Megadeth fan but you dont know who the guy on the right of the first pic is? Holy ****. You are not a true metal fan, you are nothing but a poser!!!!!!! Claim to be a RIVET HEAD but go back to your room at night and listen to Depeche Mode behind closed doors. HA HA HA HA :lol: :lol:

Fricken Poser!

Dude Dave Mustaine used to be in Metallica, they kicked him out in 1983 and start spelling Kirks name right for gods sake!
I think I've just reached the point of no return with hussars Chris.... Did u notice what he said??? He listened to the St. Anger cd, thought it was awesome, and became a fan, AFTER being a fan of Megadeath.... How the fu*k could u be a fan of Megadeath and NOT Metallica????

But, as I quoted, he said in his opening post that the St. Anger cd was a piece of shizit...

Something stinks around here.....
Ahhh! ok that is my down syndrome you guys have just witnissed, ok I was barely paying attention to the picture above, all I noticed was that Kirk Hammit wasnt in the picture, I payed little attention to the fact that Mustaine was the guy in the pic ok, that was my mistake okay! honestly.

I do think St Anger was a peice of ****, and I am aware that that statement contradicts with what I said previously, theres nothing I can do about that,
Again Hussars it is Kirk Hammett not Hammit. Get it right, he is only one of the greatest ax men of all times... A guitar god!!! You mispelling his name is offending me, he is my favorite guitarist of all times.

Second of all if you actually listened to St. Anger you would realize it was actually a pretty good album. Was is it typical Metallica... NO! However that is what makes Metallica great, they are not like every other poser band that makes every album sound the same.

Third if you were a fan of Megadeth you had to know Metallica, but I wonder about you.

Again I say..... POSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or how about not pretend to be a heavy metal fan.

Its okay Hussars you can listen to Britney Spears and Depeche Mode, not everyone has to like good music. You dont have to pretend.

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