Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

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Nov 11, 2004
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Have any of you seen this movie yet? My wife and I saw it last night, and if you're a Star Wars fan like me you might love it or you might be a tiny bit disappointed with it.
Overall I thought it was great, but I felt that a few parts were wrapped up a little too quickly. Especially the last ten minutes or so.

In short, I thought it was a good movie but I was disappointed with the ending. It looked rushed.
Oh well. Back to real life. ;)
Havent seen this new one Skim I will probably get it on DVD to complete the set but to be honest I thought the first three where by far the best the last two where commercial dross Princess Leah sitting next too Jabber in a bikini is a classic image
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All six of the Star Wars movies are great IMO, but now the original three look so dated when compared to the latest batch. Not surprising considering that the originals were made in the late '70's/early '80's, but if you watch them in the proper order it looks kind of funny. :lol:
Take the lightsabre duels for example. In Episodes I through III they're very fast paced and realistic looking, while in Episodes IV through VI the choreography is lousy. They look so slow, almost like dance steps.

Do I sound geeky enough yet? :lol:
Heh... It just remembered me of a joke Lucas Arts put at the end of one of the "X-Wing VS TIE Fighter" missions... It's a little hard to tell it (because it is mostly visual) but it was quite funny. For those who own the game, it's the Imperial training mission called "Warhead Interception"... or as I call it : "The Ewok Pizzas Mission".

Concerning the movies, I will probably wait and buy Episode III when it come out on video.

I watched Episode I (for the fourth time) and II (for the first time) last week-end at CBC. Nice movies.

I'm a great Star Wars fan, and I agree on a point : lightsaber duels are "hotter" in Episode I and II. But, personnally, I prefer space battles from the 1997 remake of Episode IV, V and VI. Especially the Death Star II battle at Endor in Return Of The Jedi.

A fun fact : the guy who plays Obi-Wan Kennobi in Episodes I, II III (Ewan McGregor) is the nephew of Dennis Lawson, the guy who played Wedge Antilles in Episodes IV, V VI.


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By the way, there is a thing I don't understand of the movies... Why does Obi-Wan let Darth Vader kill him so easily in Episode IV ? Was it to allow Luke to escape faster or is there an other reason that I don't see ?
Beats me.

One trivial little thing that gives me a small chuckle about Episode I is that here you have Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor, an Irishman and a Scotsman respectively, both faking English accents. Oh, the irony! :lol:

Yeah, that's ironic.

It's like Sean Connery, he is Scottish but he almost always played British characters.

That reminds me... This afternoon, my father asked me to call a company in Texas for him (because he doesn't speak a damned word of English). And I realized that, in spite of my hard work to lose my accent, I still speak English with the same GOD DAMNED French accent. Give me a text and I'll be able to speak with a British, American, German or (of corse) a French accent. But tell me to improvise and I can't lose my French accent... That's weird...
Well it can't be any worse than some of the English-Canadian guys I've heard speaking French. Did you ever watch the parliamentary debates on TV? :lol:
Besides, there are some strange accents around these parts, and English is our native language. :rolleyes:

By the way, Scottish people are British, along with the English and Welsh. ;)
I sound better than Darth with these busted ribs.....

Scottish are Brits ? Hmmmmmmmmm, my clan actually hunted down the Brit nobility and assasinated them.......must be the Celt background
Obi-Wan Kenobi allowed Darth Vader to free his spirit from his body because he wanted to help Luke further his training, and become the one who will bring balance to the force....

Darth Vader DID NOT kill Obi-Wan... His body became one with the force, something he learned while languishing in the Tattoine Desert...

I saw the movie on opening night, May 19th... Twice..... I watched the 4:30 showing, then walked around the corner and caught the 7:00 show..... It was freakin awesome.........

I have waited 28 years for this movie, and it was all that I had hoped for... Yes some of the last parts were alittle rushed, but it was acceptable, seeing how we already knew so much about Luke and Leia's life, and the rest of the Saga of Star Wars....

I found Anakins slide into the Dark Side to be riviting, and i have to say that if Ian McDermid (?) doesnt get some sort of award for his acting in this, the Oscar people can kiss my ass.......... He was great, and definatly stole this movie.... Pure Evil.......

"UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I will see this again in the theatre before it goes to DVD.... And BTW, the DVD is scheduled for release Nov 17th I believe..........

And for the record, I SPOTTED THE MILLENIUM FALCON IN THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could tell u when and where, but IG-88 would assassinate me on the spot...........

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