T Bolt’s Dornier Production Line

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T Bolt

Mar 24, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
I'm presently building a Dornier Do 217 N-1 in the current group build and thought it would be a good opportunity to build some other Do 17/217's that have been collecting dust in my stash.

The plan is to do an Italaeri Do 217K-1 and am Airfix Do 17E along side the Do 217N-1 and possibly even a Monogram Do 17Z, all in 1/72nd scale

All builds will be covered in this thread with the exception of the N-1 in the group build.

Do 217K-1
Do 217 K1 profile 1 CUT.jpg

I started in on the K-1, building up the cockpit and glueing up the fuselage. Not much to the cockpit but I think much more would not really be noticed in this scale behind the canopy. I did add seat cushions made from paper towel mostly to add a bit of color.

As for the paint scheme, I'm not decided at this time. I could use the kit decals or look for something different.

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Do 17E
Do 17 E profile 1 CUT.jpg

I will be starting the Airfix Do 17E in 1/72nd scale. This kit goes back to 1972 and the one I have is either the 1972 or 1973 boxing.

The molding is not really that bad for that time period. I'm more than likely going to use the decals from the kit which I will tape up in the window for de-yellowing

Here's the box and what came in it.

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Do 17E
Do 17 E profile 1 CUT.jpg

Here's the start I made last night
I assembled what there was of an interior except for the control panel and sprayed it with RLM 02. While I was waiting to paint as the glue set, I glued up the wings. Looks like this will be another quick assembly.

Do 17 Z
Do 17Z Profile CUT.jpg

I've decided to start the Monogram Do 17Z too.

This kit goes back to 1969 but the boxing I have is from 1978. I can remember building this kit back when I was 10 of 11 years old. I had remembered it being a really nice kit and when I acquired this one a while back I could see that it is. I have to say though that I paid a bit more for it than the old price tag :laughing6:

I will probably be looking for some after market decals for this one as I'm not a fan of old Monogram decals.

Well, here's the box, the old price tag, and the contents.

Do 17Z
Do 17Z Profile CUT.jpg

I started this one this afternoon by assembling the cockpit and spraying it with RLM 02. The interior although still sparse, was much nicer that the Airfix kit. There is more sidewall detail and the seats look much more realistic. It should look pretty good after a bit of detail painting and a dark wash.

I still have a Airfix Do-217J and a Airfix Do 217E in the stash as well as the 1/48th Hobbycraft Do17Z but it's unlikely that I'll being doing any of those right now.

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