$#!T Happens.....in threes as per usual....bugger !

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
So first, my puter has a major malfunction requiring throwing it in the ravine and buying a new one.
Then...on about day 23 of solid straight rain my basement floods.
New puter and fixed basement later the POS digital camera I had the pictures of the flood on decides to melt down.
Apart from that my son and I have been hiding in the dungeon working on airplane models and Warhammer stuff. Both my cars are mothballed in the garage and I fear cabin fever is setting in.
How is every one else ?
Hmmm... I'm in the middle of a 'war' between friends, because one smacked the other one for threatening me because he's in love with my girlfriend. Which has started them both getting people on to each other, and I'm now looking over my shoulder in the street more often than usual. I've been ordered to see the doctor after I thought it was a good idea to step in front of a bus (I didn't know what I was doing, I just did it! It was quite scary actually afterwards.). I get no more than two hours sleep a night. I continually feel like shit. I work all the time and never get to relax when I'm home because my brother's girlfriend has made it her life goal to piss me off, saying that the mere sight of her pisses me off now. I have no money left (although I do get paid on friday). I'm tired, hungry, thirsty, cold, irritated ...and everyone should just die. I just felt like whining for once.

Life's great. :thumbright:
plan :

go ride a bike ............. hard !

seriously you should, just to get some agressions out and not spend time at home with those unfortunate ones that jerk your chain. Rain, snow, sleet, whatever just go do it. Besides you'll get back to your ol onrey self soon.
Just about everyone has pissed me off in someway in the past week or so. I think they all finally got annoyed at the fact I don't usually get stressed like them over breakin' a freakin' nail so they all got together to piss me off to the point of thinking that to throw myself infront of a bus was a good idea. In case you're wondering my brother pulled me back before I painted the bus a lovely new colour called hint of brain. What a stupid idea that was ... it just kind of came to me when I was waiting at the side of the road. I'm not actually suicidal.
I figured that. I think it was just one of those moments where you think "Oh, I can't be arsed anymore" but my moment there was a little more extreme than the usual throwing the work down and storming off to the pub.
I get it almost everyday now ... it doesn't quite make up for it. I was actually feeling more relaxed after last weekend but in the past few days more people, with more problems that are directed at me are getting me annoyed once again. I'll just go for the extroverted suicide ...

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