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May 20, 2004
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just a check on this pic size. A 78th fg pilot living in my state. 18 missions and several ground kills, he was shot down April 16, 1945 over an Luftwaffe airdrome after he had beat up the pavement....am interviewing him shortly.

just wanna see the size of this thingie....


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Eric since I know a couple of the 78th fg vets on a personal level thought I would go ahead and continue. Have another 78th fg Me 262 jet killer I need to write pronto. Not many of these guys left and since today is the anniversary of D-day thought it would be good to get a couple of letters/monies ready to send out. the time is going way too fast and these fine men from all sides will be gone forever.... ! :cry:
Erich, I saw a picture of Zemke, Hartmann and Krupinski in a meeting in 1963. Is there any chance that you might have it? I want to show my brother because I think it's an awesome picture. Also, there's a picture of the "Zemke's Wolfpack" P-47, might you have a picture of that?
Plan I know the pic of the 3 that you are talking about but sadly no I do not have a copy. Of Hubs a/c yes, a pic of his early D model signed to me personally, but are you talking about his bubble top...? He also signed a P-38 pic for me when he was in the 479th fg and in this group that he commanded while flying a P-51 he was hit by lightning and almost "bought the farm"
I've seen the picture of him stood infront of his P-47 in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower. I'm reading 'Zemke's Stalag' at the moment, the storm sheared his wing clean off! :shock:

The only picture I have apart from those in the book is this one from when he was PoW. Funny that a lot of the aces from 56th FG ended up in Stalagluft I.


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I suppose his D Jug with the Polish motif is in your book ? Also I have a pic somewhere of his camo'd bubbletop somewhere. dang my office is a complete chaotic mess and it probably won't be till September to get these pics framed and put up on the walls and off the buried floor.......
I don't actually think it was his. It's a P-47 the lads of 56th had painted up, it's got "Zemke's Wolfpack. 56th Fighter Group. Over 1000 Destroyed" on the nose.

I've got a picture of him climbing into his P-51 days before he went down, in the book.

What Polish motif? The only one I know of from 56th is Lawonski's...

...in fact, I've never seen Zemke's P-47.


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question anyone zip line this pic ? ............. cut off the border and camera and just have the plain black and white showing ? A great pic it is, of a Flugzeugführer and his Wart. wonder if the guy made it till war's end... ? Fall ~ Winter 44/45 shot showing his leather jacket with fur collar.

thanks gents
Very cool plan ! say is that a single red dot below the wapapenshield ? if so and I know it is hard to see then it is from II./JG 3.

think this could make a nice sig

E ~
I feel a little elated this evening....another stinking fire to our west already consumed 1500 acres in less than 1/2 hour............oh yee haw.

this chap isn't going to enjoy this at all !


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Eric :

Actually it is in the middle of a Spruce forest in eastern Germany. Theres a chap who owns a bit of forested land and has been carving away on some of "his" diseased trees, heading them back about 10 feet high or lower and having fun...........

I thought his work was very cool and sought to inspire all with a bit of forest novelty

E ♪

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