The Beginning of WWII

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Feb 19, 2007
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Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a thread that has been chronicling the day-by-day history of the Second World War and a major event is upcoming next week. Don't miss all the action and drama as The Allies get outflanked and driven back until the daring sea rescue from the beaches of Dunkirk. Ok, maybe not that dramatic but I will be a bit narcissistic here and say that Parsifal and myself have been working hard to bring as accurate and objective an account of the daily diaries of WWII for everyone. I have searched the web for chronologies such as this and we (myself, parsifal and syscom for his earlier work) have the best, most concise and interesting daily diaries anywhere!

So, get some popcorn, put the kettle on, grab a pint and put Jan back in the closet and check it out!!!

I presume you're being humorous here.
First flight 26 October 1940
Introduction January 1942 (RAF)
Yeah, that's the kind of humour you can expect here.
i don't think we have covered China before 1939. In the western world we usually take the German invasion as the start of WW2. Although one could argue that the Japanese invasion in China is also part of WW2.
So at what point does one consider the start of WWII in the east?
The invasion of Manchuria in 1931?
Surely, WW1 is the Anglo-French war for global domination starting in 1756-63 and finishing with Napoleon. Britain then assumes the mantle of World's policeman. Surely WW2 is the Continuation War of the Great War? So WW2 really begins in 1919 with the Treaty of Versailles. Its about the desire of the Germans to first control Europe and then the World. The EEC was the Nazi economic plan for Europe.
That would be KWW1. Also WW1 is actually the start of WWII not the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.
Thanks for the negative mark - I pointed out the obvious and you went full glad I don't go back and down vote every effin' post you've ever made.

WWI is NOT the start of WWII, it was the excuse used by the National Socialists and *IF* Britain and France had NOT crushed Germany with the war debt, causing the collapse of the German economy, chances are, the National Socialists would not have had a platform for their rise to power.

Europe had been in a transitional stage at the turn of the 20th century and Empires werw losing their hold: Ottoman, Prussian, Britain, Russian, France, Et Al - and in it's wake, was civil unrest.

So simply stating that WWII was started in 1919 is bullshit and out of context.

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