The best thing about the Spitfire Mk XIV was that there were so few of them

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He may have a point concerning the Me 263/Ju 248, but of course the ameisenbear was the Do-335. Unless that is another caidenism. And if penguins can fly, then why not pigs?


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Speaking of animals, I'm a big fan of the Horten Ho IX. It looks exactly like a manta ray, one of my favourite animals too.

Another beauty is the French Cauldron Renault CR 714. Very unique design, because its radiator is symmetrically on a line with the fuselage.


Romanian IAR 80
As you can see it shares a lot of similarities with the Focke Wulf. Unlike cartoonish looking crap like the Spitfire and Mustang (Allison looks ok though), this is a very beautiful, elegant and simple design, that's how an airplane has to look like.
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This is from Andrew Thomas book Griffon Spitfire Aces

Page 75
"No less a figure than the former Inspector General of the Luftwaffe General Adolf Galland recorded a highly appropriate epitath to the type when he wrote, The best thing about the Spitfire XIV was that there were so few of them"

His statement is quoted in many books and websites, but all of them failed to provide a source.

I call it bullshit and I find it disgusting when British authors just pull random shit out of their ass, especially when lies are spread about a honorable guy who can't defend himself.


As everyone knows Abraham Lincoln repeatedly said You cant believe everything you see on the internet. The same applies to books

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