The Camarillo 2006 album

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I thought I would start another thread for the Camarillo 2006 show. It was a nice show this year even though it was a bit smaller than previous years. My saturday photography was close to a disaster. I was experimenting and it went poorly. I was able to get some good shots on saturday but the good/bad ratio was terrible. Sunday went much better. Here are some shots in no particular order.


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Saturday I was trying to shoot in aperture priority, using light as the guage and letting it auto-adust shutter speed. I am much better at judging what shutter speed to use in shutter priority, which is what I went back to. The problem with aperture priority is that the shutter speed will change depending on where the camera is pointed. As you get closer to reflective objects or the sun, the shutter speed gets higher. Exact opposite as the objects get darker or shadowed.

So you need to constantly adjust, sometimes as you are panning back and forth. Not ideal for fast moving objects. So Sunday I went back to shutter priority and things looked MUCH better.

Here is an example of a photo disaster. About 25-50% of my saturday shots looked like this. Another 25% were passable at lower res. The other 25% were good enough for prints. That is by far the worst percentage of usable shots I have had since having the Nikon. BUt it was an experiment and a lesson learned. But it does go to show that I do sometimes take crappy shots too. :)


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Cheers. If it saves someone else a day of wasted shots, it's worth it. Not a huge deal for me as I always attend both days at Camarillo. If it was Edwards, 2.5 hours away and I only attend 1 day, I would be pissed!

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