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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
Several weeks ago I was contacted by a lady who had a 46' J3 CUB that was partially restored by the new Taylorcraft Company. Well long story short, she got ripped off and had to drive to Brownsville Texas to rescue her airplane. I worked a deal out with her where after I get it back together I could fly it until she decides to sell it. At that time I get my "cut." Anyway it's a fun project; I hope to have this thing flying by the end of the summer if I don't find any showstoppers.


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That's a lovely bird - and my idea of a great way to spend the hours after work. I am envious!!!
Thanks guys - just working on her is a blast - it's so simple, brings back the golden age of aviation.

The lady who owns it was having it restored as a tribute to her late husband who was killed in a car crash in 2003. She brought it to the new Taylorcraft in Brownsville Texas who started the restoration. Some things they did well, other things were less than satisfactory. Anyway the guy who owned the company ripped her off and stole some items that were either in the plane or items she paid for. If you do a websearch of the new Taylorcraft you'll find they went bankrupt and the owner owes all kinds of folks money. Of course he says he the victim of malicious gossip, but I could tell you I seen his handy work first hand! There's enough FOD in the fuselage to build another aircraft and so far I found a screwdriver and a wrench under the floorboards.

The FAA actually "Red Tagged" this aircraft because the knucklehead at Taylorcraft improperly filled out paper work and did some other things in violation of the FARs. I'm in contact with the FAA and will be sending them photos as I go through the aircraft.

Again, if you ever read anything about Taylorcraft, their bankruptcy and their poor owner being victimized, I could tell you first hand anything they are being accused of is probably true. In the mean time I'm still pushing for a late summer first flight...
Here's a picture of the fuselage behind the rear seat. I had to get there while I was rigging the elevators - look at all the FOD and tools just left there by people from the Taylorcraft factory!


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Real shoddy work on the part of Taylorcraft, Joe. After having seen your work on Fireball, I know this baby will be in tip top condition when you are done with her. I wish I could be there to photograph that first flight.
Definatly very cool. She is going to be a beaut. I agree and would love to work on these old planes. They were so simple and easy it would just be a joy and a great past time.

It is projects like this that make me realize I did the right thing by joining this field of work and getting an A&P liscense. Flying is fun but tearing them apart and putting them back together is great as well.

I'll be posting more pics along the way - tomorrow I'll be out there finishing up the elevator rigging - then I stort getting all that FOD out of the rear fuselage....

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